June 20, 2022
June 20, 2022

About the Customer

Bayhealth is central and southern Delaware’s largest healthcare system. With numerous hospitals and satellite facilities, the non-profit system has more than 4,000 employees.

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Bayhealth wanted a solution to better keep up with compliance and avoid running into resuscitation expirations each month. Administrators were falling behind on their compliance goals and needed a way to reduce time spent on running and managing reports.


Bayhealth chose My Team because of its ability to aid and improve compliance through their efforts of phasing out reporting in large scale initiatives and keeping up-to-date on reporting.


By providing visibility of resuscitation training status for the entire team, Bayhealth was able to reduce the number of staff with expired CPR cards to zero after a few months of implementation, effectively allowing them to phase out reporting on large-scale initiatives and monthly expirations. This was an approximately 60-hour reduction in time spent on reporting requests per year.

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0 staff with expired CPR cards

"Putting data at the fingertips of the managers and their proxies is proving invaluable from a compliance and time-savings perspective.””

Amanda Bergstrom | LMS Project Manager, HealthStream Administrator, Bayhealth