Residency program offers visibility and blended learning

January 4, 2022
January 4, 2022


About the Customer

CHRISTUS Health is a large health system headquartered in suburban Dallas, with 600 facilities and 15,000 physicians across four U.S. states and three Latin American countries.

Address Future Challenges_PChallenge

While exploring new opportunities to improve new graduate nurse onboarding, CHRISTUS Health chose to pilot HealthStream’s Nurse Residency program at one of their facilities. Their specific challenges included preceptor training, better onboarding, and targeted support for new nurses.


After initial assessments and customization of the training, stakeholders laid out a full year’s residency training in advance, quickly plotting a course for the future. The rollout was considered a success, prompting another CHRISTUS facility to choose the program. In addition to evidence-based courseware, stakeholders were particularly interested in the dashboard and control center, specifically for more visibility into learner’s course progression.


CHRISTUS Health has used the results from the pilots and successive years’ usage to fine tune their plans for future nurse residency cohorts. Both organizations measured increased nurse confidence, with new nurse retention at one of the facilities improving by 12% with continued gains. This has resulted in a sizable $1.4 million in annual savings, as well as the achievement of the Practice Transition Accreditation Program (PTAP) credential, an attractive feature for new graduates eager to work with a high achieving facility.

“The beauty of this program is the blended learning model. We used a combination of lectures from our internal experts, online courseware from HealthStream and its content partners, and group discussions guided by a facilitator, an educator, or one of our nurse leaders.”

Michelle Hammerly | Regional Director of Education, CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth

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