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Advancing Preceptor Development: Elevating Continuous Learning at Jennie Stuart Medical Center

June 13, 2024
June 13, 2024

About the Customer

Jennie Stuart Health is an acute-care hospital licensed for 194 beds. With over 900 FTE’s located in Hopkinsville, KY, they are a private, not-for-profit community hospital. Jennie Stuart Health offers services such as Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Oncology, Critical Care, Diabetes Education, Diagnostic Imaging, Laboratory, Maternity, Outpatient Procedures, Pharmacy, Same-day Services, Sleep Disorders Center, and Surgery.

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The primary challenge faced by Jennie Stuart Health was the pressing need for an enhanced training and development program that could efficiently onboard new graduates and integrate them into the high-demand healthcare environment. With an existing system unable to adequately support the professional growth of new staff or leverage the expertise of seasoned employees, the leadership at Jennie Stuart Health recognized the need for change. Their vision was clear: develop leadership skills, guarantee high-quality patient care, and build a supportive, learning-focused community among their healthcare professionals.


The solution came in the form of the meticulously designed HealthStream’s Preceptor Development program addressing the medical center's multifaceted needs. Sheri Lancaster MSN, RN, NPD-BC the professional development specialist, played a crucial role in adapting this program to cultivate new leaders in healthcare effectively. This program stands out for its flexible, customizable approach, enabling a seamless match between new nurses and experienced preceptors who exemplify the best in leadership and patient care. Beyond facilitating these preceptor-preceptee pairings, Preceptor Development introduces a competency checklist to guarantee a uniformly high-quality training experience for preceptors. Furthermore, Jennie Stuart Health incorporated custom elements such as mindfulness and self-care practices into the curriculum, showcasing a holistic approach to developing healthcare professionals who are not only proficient in their roles but also equipped to manage the stresses of their demanding careers.


The implementation of HealthStream's Preceptor Development program at Jennie Stuart Health led to remarkable improvements in nurse onboarding and professional development. Enhanced mentorship experiences increased the confidence of nurse participants, with an 88% confidence level in applying learned skills practically. The program also fostered a stronger clinical community through innovative blended learning approaches, creating an environment conducive to ongoing learning and growth. This strategic investment not only advanced technical competencies but also significantly contributed to the center's culture of continuous learning and high retention rates, marking a new standard in healthcare training.

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88% increase in nurse confidence through enhanced mentorship experiences.

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