Customer Stories: CoxHealth Systems

Flexibility, communication key to successful onboarding with myClinicalExchange

December 20, 2021
December 20, 2021

About the Customer

CoxHealth Systems is a large, six-hospital system in Missouri with multiple ERs and clinics, and 12,000+ employees.


As a large hospital system, CoxHealth had scalability issues with its education program. The current spreadsheet system was being used for thousands of students, leading to information flow barriers. The system required too much manual follow up to easily sustain. They wanted to switch to a solution that would allow for multiple points of access, easy creation of reports, and numerous workflows for determining student-level compliance status.


CoxHealth’s Head of Education initially implemented myClinicalExchange for undergraduate nursing. Then, the Student Scheduling Coordinator grew the program’s usage to include onboarding with great success. Not only did the program offer the flexibility and communication they needed currently, the team knew it could be customized to best suit their workforce requirements.


The visibility into the process offered by myClinicalExchange allows the team to know exactly where each student is in the process of becoming compliant. It has substantially decreased the number of inquiries for information from staff due to the numerous ways in which individual student reports can be accessed. In the event of an audit, all the information needed is in one location and can quickly be assembled into a report.

“myClinicalExchange has helped me to successfully manage hospital onboarding for thousands of students over the past 4.5 years. It has increased my productivity by breaking down the communication flow barriers while maintaining HIPAA and FERPA compliance”

Karen Kyle | Student Scheduling Coordinator, Education Center