From Spreadsheets to Automation... Ideal Option

July 15, 2020
July 15, 2020

About the Customer

Ideal Option is a national leader in office-based medication-assisted treatment for addiction to opioids and other substances. They operate 70+ outpatient clinics across 10 states. CredentialStream provided them with the credentialing and privileging solution they needed to easily track provider licenses across multiple states. Bolt reporting enabled key automation of credentialing workflow processes to stay on top of key deadlines.

ideal option customer storyOverview

Ideal Option has been working on the front lines of the opioid epidemic since its founders – two ER physicians – opened the first clinic in 2012. Since then, the organization has helped over 32,000 patients on their journey to stable recovery by providing underserved populations with low-barrier access to evidence-based addiction treatment.

As a large provider of telemedicine, Ideal Option needed a credentialing and privileging solution that would allow them to easily track provider licenses across multiple states. They were tired of relying on spreadsheets to do the job, and ready to do away with paper-based provider applications. They also needed to produce reports rapidly in order to match patients and providers. Their current solution wasn’t up for the challenge—it was time for a change.

Address Future Challenges_PKey Challenges

Unreliable Software—Data integrity issues
Ideal Option was working with a solution that promised functionality it couldn’t deliver. Pair that with the fact that it was riddled with data integrity issues, and they were forced to stop using the system altogether.

Endless Paperwork—Spreadsheets, spreadsheets, and more spreadsheets
Ideal Option was using spreadsheets to track the credentials, certifications, licenses, DEA registrations and more for over 100 providers.

Providers/Patient Matching—Challenging workflow
As a telemedicine provider, Ideal Option needed to be able to rapidly match a patient with a provider licensed in their state who is enrolled with appropriate payers. Without automation, this process was a real science project. It was time for an upgrade.

Remote Work—COVID-19 disrupted functionality
When the global pandemic hit, Ideal Option’s credentialing team was forced to work from home overnight. The organization needed a cloud solution that allowed for remote working and user productivity tracking more than ever before.

Competency_YSolution Selection Process

Though Ideal Option needed a solution fast, they fully vetted three options. They chose CredentialStream for its ability to deliver the functionality they needed out of the box, at a cost equal to what they were already paying for a solution that did not meet their basic needs.

Bringing on new providers to meet patient demand is easy with a paperless application process. Bolt reports make matching providers with patients and making sure patient care and medication are covered simple. And, remote working for Ideal Option’s 10-person credentialing team is possible due to the cloud-based nature of CredentialStream.

Getting CredentialStream up and running was smooth. With multiple options available for data import, customer service support, and a variety of live and recorded training options, Ideal Option achieved rapid results.

"CredentialStream's implementation team is the most thorough team I’ve ever dealt with and I’ve been through four different software implementations!"

Shannon Bowden, Contracting and Credentialing Manager


Reclaimed Time and Money
By eliminating the need to update countless spreadsheets throughout the day or manipulate spreadsheets to access data, they have been able to significantly reduce manual work. This freed up time to speed up enrollment timeframes, which is improving their revenue cycle.

Seamless Tracking
By eliminating the need to update countless spreadsheets throughout the day or manipulate spreadsheets to access data, they have been able to significantly reduce manual work. This freed up time to speed up enrollment timeframes, which is improving their revenue cycle.

Financial Savings
Keeping on with patient demand means hiring new providers. Hiring new providers means more credentialing and enrollment tasks. More tasks could drive the need for more staff, but with CredentialStream, Ideal Option can do more with less while keeping their team lean.

Patient Care
Ideal Option endeavors to help every patient who comes to them for treatment. They accept all forms of insurance including Medicaid and Medicare. CredentialStream helps the organization fulfill the most important task of ensuring providers are enrolled with payers so patients don’t have to pay for care or medication out of pocket.

"With a remote team of 10 and more than 100 providers to manage, there are so many balls that can drop. CredentialStream helps me relax and know we’re covered."

Shannon Bowden, Contracting and Credentialing Manager

Improve_CLooking Ahead

Ideal Option has helped thousands of people get their lives back, and they are determined to help thousands more. The flexibility provided by CredentialStream will allow them to continue growing seamlessly without worrying about something falling through the cracks. As they continue to adapt CredentialStream’s functionality, they plan to broaden their use of Apply so that providers can take a more hands-on approach to inputting data. One thing is for sure, each efficiency gain translates into an opportunity to serve another patient in need.