Get a Grip on Your Practice

September 23, 2020
September 23, 2020

About the Customer

Simplified Medical Management is a holistic practice management organization that leverages years of compliance, credentialing, and revenue cycle management experience to help physicians focus on their patients.

simplified customer storyOverview

Simplified Medical Management was born out of a 70-year old practice, The Radiology Clinic, in Tuscaloosa, AL. Before branching out, The Radiology Clinic spent decades building expertise in leadership, strategic planning, practice management, IT, compliance, credentialing, and revenue cycle management. On January 1, 2019, The Radiology Clinic separated their non-clinical staff, technology, and resources and created Simplified Medical Management.

Simplified Medical Management is dedicated to teaching, facilitating, and coaching healthcare organizations of all types to achieve success. Through their simple solutions, holistic operating system, and experienced team, they’re able to ease the pain many providers are experiencing and allow them and their staff to focus more on the patient.

Address Future Challenges_PKey Challenges

Antiquated Processes
Simplified Medical Management was managing credentialing and enrollment with a mix of spreadsheets which led to countless files that needed constant changes. It was difficult to keep track of, but more importantly, it prevented Simplified Medical Management from scaling their services. They needed software that would empower and grow with them.

Customer Service Challenges
As a service providing solutions to healthcare organizations that are overburdened and frustrated, Simplified Medical Management needed software that would allow them to engage with their customers easily and seamlessly. Since credentialing requirements for their customers are ongoing, the need to verify and maintain licenses is constant. They were looking for an efficient way to add new clients into their system, while helping those clients with their credentialing requirements.

Compromised Accuracy
Many of Simplified Medical Management’s prospects have an internal employee managing their credentialing to save money, but they don’t have good systems in place to support these individuals. This often leads to errors. Simplified Medical Management needed to adopt a credentialing software solution that would enable them to provide cost-effective, error-free outsourced credentialing services to their clients.

"You cannot track a high volume of credentialing with Excel – you lose a lot of footwork and data!"

Trish Gongora, Credentialing Manager

Competency_YSolution Selection Process

With their main goal of helping healthcare organizations focus on their patients, Simplified Medical Management searched for a solution that would enable them to provide top-notch credentialing services without compromising on quality or pricing themselves out of the market. After evaluating multiple solutions based upon; comprehensiveness, ease of use, training, price, and scalability, HealthStream became a finalist. During the sales process, they felt our team actually cared for their business—something they didn’t feel while meeting with other companies.

Simplified Medical Management deployed HealthStream's credentialing and enrollment solutions and they’ve been thrilled with the results. They started off with a team that was new to credentialing, and with access to virtual training and a video library of resources, they were up and running quickly.


CredentialStream has given Simplified Medical Management the tools they need to facilitate what they do. They’ve found it’s easy to get signatures from providers, get timely responses for attestation purposes, track licenses, and onboard new customers. In fact, they’ve already onboarded three new rural health clinics since implementation.

Time Savings
Simplified Medical Management has noticed a huge increase in time savings in general, but the ability to shorten credentialing timelines has had the greatest impact. It’s allowed them to take on more customers, granting them the freedom to grow their business as planned.

Improve_CLooking Ahead

Simplified Medical Management isn’t quite done yet! They’re currently optimizing their enrollment operations by leveraging CredentialStream’s automated tools to populate payer application. This will enable them to communicate and coordinate directly with providers to collect signatures and other pertinent data to speed up the enrollment process, allowing their customers to spend less time on paperwork and more time on patient care.

Simplified Medical Management also plans to expand their team, adding more expertise and capabilities in strategic planning, IT, credentialing, and revenue cycle management. By delivering exceptional service to healthcare providers throughout the Southeast, they’ll ensure every community has access to top notch medical care.