Healthcare the way it should be… Vera Whole Health

June 23, 2020
June 23, 2020

About the Customer

Vera Whole Health is a national leader in advanced primary care who is at the vanguard of a health revolution. Download this CredentialStream customer spotlight to learn how Vera Whole Health fast-tracked their implementation process of CredentialStream.

vera customer storyOverview

Vera Whole Health is a national leader in advanced primary care who is at the vanguard of a health revolution. Their model is uniquely designed to help people achieve optimum social, psychological, and physical well-being. Ensuring their patients receive competent care from qualified people is critical to their success.

Vera’s strong value proposition is resonating across hospitals, educational institutions, government entities and industrial companies. A rapid growth spike recently encouraged Vera to seek out a new credentialing solution. 

Address Future Challenges_PKey Challenges

Over 100+ providers joined the company to service a growing customer base in a single calendar year.

Long processing times
Despite tremendous growth, a single individual is responsible for overseeing Vera’s credentialing and privileging processes – this person needed a way to automate functions beyond credentialing.

Limited access to database information
Vera was manually managing the privileging process. A PDF was sent to a provider to complete by hand. The request would then be presented to a committee within a file. It would either be approved or modified and a copy would be made and sent back the provider. It wasn’t a sustainable process.

An Aging Tech Stack
Vera needed a true SaaS solution that offers continuous uptime and allows users to access credentialing and privileging information from anywhere at any time.

An Outdated Approach to Licensing
Vera needed a new approach to software licensing that wouldn’t require them to continually add licenses to meet demand.

Competency_YSolution Selection Process

As a former EchoOneApp customer, Vera had a history of working with HealthStream Credentialing. While they felt EOA could handle 99 percent of their previous credentialing needs, they needed both more reliability and more functionality to meet the growing needs of their organization. Relying on a remote desktop connection often meant dropped connections and excess downtime. A growing number of providers drove the need to automate more functions including privileging, appointment and workforce validation. The ability to fast track an implementation and continue working with a trusted brand, while gaining access to a host of game changing technology, made CredentialStream the right choice for Vera. 


Created more muscle
Automating the credentialing and privileging processes should prove equivalent to adding an additional credentialing specialist.

Eliminated costly outsourcing
Vera plans to use HealthStream's Workforce Validation solution to bring their OIG and SAM checks in house.

Improved provider satisfaction and patient care
Moving all credentialing and privileging activities online means providers can spend more time doing what they do best – delivering patient care.

“Vera Whole Health is all about quality. CredentialStream is equally focused on the same thing. The support and the people we’ve worked with both the front side and the back end of this project have been incredible. It’s a great benefit to have a team fully committed to our success behind the product.”

Duane Nakamura, Credentialing Analyst

Improve_CLooking Ahead

Vera’s growth trajectory will continue to play a central role in the organization’s adoption of CredentialStream. In the future, the company plans to take advantage of:

  • Built in work flows and robust maneuverable reporting capabilities
  • Ability to quickly add/credential new providers without the burden of adding additional software licenses
  • Mastering new system functionality by exploring HealthStream's robust digital training library