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How HealthStream's Learning Center Helped Baptist Health

May 28, 2021
May 28, 2021


Baptist Health includes five nationally accredited hospitals, a children’s hospital, more than 200 primary care and specialty physician practices, a free-standing ER, home healthcare, occupational health, pharmacies, rehabilitation services, urgent care and a recently added cancer center. It employs 10,000 staff and operates over 1,000 beds, serving patients and families in Northeast Florida and beyond.

As a HealthStream customer, Baptist Health used products and services to:

  • Implement the HealthStream Learning Center (HLC) for large-scale, system-wide training and configured over 113 courses
  • Complete nearly 14,000 individual learning modules to support EMR rollout
  • Create custom reports to provide weekly feedback to senior leadership and tailor training schedules
  • Secure training completion rates of 95% and 98% among clinical users at two hospitals for EMR Implementation
  • Add EasyScan to the Learning Center to improve registration and tracking for training and real-time reporting of results
  • Initiate a non-employee annual mandatory training program for contractors, volunteers, and other providers without access to the HLC

The Challenge:

In 2011, Baptist began implementing a system-wide electronic medical record system ( EMR), requiring significant end user training and support, including 113+ courses, 1000+ individual classes, and 13,000+ learning completions.

To accomplish this transition, Baptist needed improved tracking and reporting features and greater flexibility in its training options. To ensure ROI and ultimately comply with governmental meaningful use standards, Baptist needed to measure and achieve full adoption and competency with its new EMR system.


To handle the scale of EMR migration and training needed, Baptist decided that the HealthStream Learning Center (HLC) was the best fit for this enterprise-wide project. The HLC’s intuitive and flexible course management capabilities allowed them to schedule, assign, and track both live classroom and online training necessary to fully implement the new EMR across the system. The HLC has given us many options for training delivery and tracking. We can run automated reports for large scale training on a daily basis—now almost in real time with no wait and no manual grading of classes—so managers and leadership can get instant feedback on training needs and compliance.Doing this manually would be extremely resource and labor intensive and very slow, said Desiree Lleras, System Manager EMR and Technology Education.

To deliver content in training, Baptist has multiple options now with the HLC, says Darrin Hayes, System HealthStream Administrator. He adds, Competencies and web-based training modules are easy to produce with HealthStream’s course development process. The learning curve to implement HLC is also quick. A majority of our self-paced, web-based courses are developed internally, but we also have an option to use HealthStream content as well. We initially used HLC content primarily for simple level 1 type content. However we are revamping our annual regulatory compliance training leveraging both HealthStream content and Baptist’s own content. The HLC can produce complex, interactive, multimedia training or it can be used for power point presentations as well.

Additionally, Baptist has added other solutions from HealthStream, including EasyScan, which interfaces with the HLC to track and register staff for new employee training while supporting the company goal of 100% training compliance. Baptist is also in the midst of using the HLC for non-employee training. We’re expecting more growth in training needs as we require non-employees and contractors to have annual mandatory training. These nonemployees, basically anyone who sets foot on the campus, need training but don’t have employee access to the HLC, said Desiree Lleras, System Manager EMR and Technology Education.


Baptist has been able to grow its partnership with HealthStream to provide solutions to multiple needs and has also made training more efficient for all of its sites. As Baptist grows, the utility of the HLC has evolved alongside the organization and its varied training needs.

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