Massachusetts General Hospital – Better Feedback for Better Resuscitation Performance

November 28, 2022
November 28, 2022

About the Customer

The Radiology Department of Massachusetts General Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital, provides comprehensive diagnostic imaging to care for patients from diverse communities across the region.

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The radiology department needed a resuscitation program that was easy to implement, provided realtime, accurate, visual feedback to learners and one that would be embraced by staff.

They had been using a competing product that compared somewhat unfavorably in terms of cost and ease of use.


The radiology department at Massachusetts General Hospital chose to implement the American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite™ and to incorporate the use of the Brayden Pro Manikins. This allowed for immense flexibility in skills verification, a critical component to resuscitation training.


The training manager reported this to have been the easiest HealthStream solution implementation.

Staff found the feedback from the Resuscitation Skills app to be much easier to understand and timely. This offered the ability to make immediate adjustments to their technique, leading to an improvement in competence.

The program allowed for multiple set ups across regional imaging locations. A rolling cart enabled convenient on-site practice and assessment in familiar clinical settings for daytime, evening, overnight and weekend staff.

Staff expressed feeling more supported by the training and demonstrated a significant increase in confidence in their resuscitation skills.

"It’s not a test- it’s learning a new skill. Some people can learn how to ride a bike after one try, others may need to hop on several times before it clicks. That’s also how these manikins work. We are learning skills and correcting old habits."

Nathalie Korpics, MS, Training Manager, Radiology | Massachusetts General Hospital