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HealthStream Learning gave Mid-Dakota Clinic Great Results

May 28, 2021
May 28, 2021


Mid Dakota Clinic, a multidisciplinary healthcare practice with several locations in Bismarck, North Dakota offers a wide variety of healthcare services. Director of Clinical Services, Rebecca Baron, is responsible for the organizational training and education needs for all nurses outside of the surgery center, as well as nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and audiologists. Prior to using HealthStream Learning, Baron had no choice but to follow a cumbersome, manual process when assigning and providing education. Corporate compliance and safety training were also a problem. The Clinic’s solution for this need was originally a set of DVDs that traveled between the main clinic and satellite locations. Staff was required to watch the videos and return completed checklists to Baron. Tracking training was an enormous challenge. Most employees often had no idea about the training they had completed because they often submitted their paper forms to education without keeping a copy. No one at the organization was happy with this piecemeal and cumbersome training solution. Staff wanted a training option that was more consistent, came from a centralized source, and was easy to track. Among the more career-minded employees there was a desire for more professional development. The Clinic needed to find a solution.


Mid Dakota Clinic was already aware of HealthStream, having used the company for patient-centered survey research in the past. The implementation of HealthStream Learning was seamless and Baron received hands-on training. This affirmed her initial impression that everyone at HealthStream was invested in helping her do her job well. Now, Baron creates trainings from presentations and assigns them to her staff. She also has the option to assign quizzes to measure the extent to which people understand what they are reading and retaining.


By moving to HealthStream Learning, Mid-Dakota Clinic has greatly enhanced how the organization makes strategic use of education and training. The lack of a modern learning solution created compliance risk and endangered patients because of gaps in competency that were directly related to the inability to make learning assignments and track completions easily. Now the organization has gained flexibility from a solution that lends itself to use in a myriad of ways. HealthStream Learning has allowed Mid-Dakota Clinic to connect the completion of required learning to the conditions of continued employment. It is no longer possible for staff to sidestep their mandatory training requirements. Efficiency has been one of the most significant benefits of using HealthStream Learning. Baron shared that “it’s given us so much time back. For evaluation emails that use to take her six weeks, she can now probably do this job well in under 40 hours. HealthStream Learning has also been beneficial from a retention and workforce development direction. The advantages start at hiring—the orientation and skills checklist is now built into HealthStream so that someone can sign off on them right in HealthStream now versus carrying around a giant packet of paper. The benefits continue into developing even more competent clinicians. Not only is this a demonstration to the community that Mid-Dakota Clinic has a vested interest in staff success, but also that the organization is making a financial investment in employee career advancement.