OrthoLoneStar’s Seamless Migration from EchoCredentialing

December 9, 2022
December 9, 2022

About the Customer

OrthoLoneStar is the largest orthopedic group in Texas and is dedicated to focusing on the value of their patients. While merging six group practices, they decided it was time to migrate from EchoCredentialing to CredentialStream. They chose CredentialStream for its centralized database, ease of implementation, flexible reporting features, and reporting.

ortholonestar customer storyOverview

OrthoLoneStar is committed to providing the highest quality orthopedic outcomes at the best value across the state of Texas. Their size and depth allows the practice to serve patients across diverse specialties and locations, while their collective strength enables them to provide exceptional service and excellent results. 

Address Future Challenges_PKey Challenges

Disparate systems:
In 2021, six of the most well-known, respected and long-established orthopedic group practices in Texas launched as OrthoLoneStar, a single combined group practice. At the time, only one of the six practices was using an automated credentialing solution. The rest were using a mix of spreadsheets and manual processes. Collaboration was challenging, and a lack of automation left plenty of room for errors.

Managing participation in 60+ health insurance plans manually meant countless applications, copies and signatures. Without automation, enrollment timeframes lagged and put reimbursement at risk.

Competency_YSolution Selection Process

Merging six group practices into one is a heavy lift. One thing OrthoLoneStar knew it needed was a common system to manage credentialing and enrollment across its newly formed organization. One practice had been using HealthStream's EchoCredentialing solution with success, so OrthoLoneStar decided to evaluate HealthStream's most comprehensive credentialing and enrollment solution, CredentialStream.

After a series of demonstrations and conversations with sales reps and users, OrthoLoneStar chose CredentialStream for its:

Centralized approach:
They needed a database that allowed different divisions the autonomy to see what’s going on with their providers at any given time.

Ease of implementation:
A Cloud-based solution meant they could get up and running quickly. There was no hardware to buy, no software to install and no IT hassles.

Flexible reporting features:
Bolt, an advanced automation engine powered by validated data and best practice content, meant OrthoLoneStar could easily meet its reporting needs.

The ability to gain insight into credentialing and enrollment timeframes would enable OrthoLoneStar to view roadblocks and make improvements to future processes.


Migrating from EchoCredentialing to CredentialStream was an easy process, so OrthoLoneStar started there. With that set up complete, they collected data via spreadsheets from the five other practices to manually import into CredentialStream. They also had to manually import CAQH data. The process was challenging, but well worth it in the end. Throughout the implementation, the team utilized online support tools, including videos, checklists and in-person training which really made the difference.

“Once we got the system set up and completed training, we were able to get the system working the way it is intended to work and utilize it fully. I’m pleased by how many things I can do myself without support now that I am properly trained.”

Nikki Williamson, Credentialing Manager, OrthoLoneStar


Increased Productivity
With less time spent working with disjointed systems and dealing with manual processes, medical staff is able to get more done in far less time.

Faster Enrollment
With CredentialStream in place, OrthoLoneStar has reduced enrollment timeframes from 60 to 90 days to less than 30.

Improved Care
Managed care is easier now that the practice has the data they need at their fingertips to see where it started and how it ended. Using workflows, they can run reports and provide them to specific divisions and providers.

Continuous Improvement
Benchmarking is allowing OrthoLoneStar to see where their credentialing and enrollment processes are working and where there is room for improvement.

A Competitive Edge
Staying organized and having their fingers on the pulse of who is credentialed and who is enrolled is enabling the practice to reduce errors and serve more patients with excellent care.


Improve_CLooking Ahead

OrthoLoneStar is dedicated to exceptional service and excellent results. With CredentialStream in place, they have the tools in place to improve every day.

In the future, they plan to explore additional functionality such as: 

The Provider Hub: With a centralized portal, OrthoLoneStar could offer providers and clinical leaders a direct connection to key credentialing processes and information, the ability to maintain their own profiles and preferences, and much more.

Bolt: By expanding their use of Bolt, the practice hopes to leverage reporting options and generate rosters more efficiently.

“I love that HealthStream listens to their customers. It helps that you continually improve CredentialStream to enhance usability and effectiveness.”

Nikki Williamson, Credentialing Manager, OrthoLoneStar

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