Policy Manager transforms facility’s documentation workflow

May 25, 2023
May 25, 2023


About the Customer

High Point Treatment Center is a substance abuse and mental health provider of care with 11 inpatient and outpatient locations.

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High Point was utilizing a proprietary system to manage documents, but wanted something
with more functionality specifically for handling policy and procedural documentation. They
needed something that could be set up with minimal input and, hopefully, a cost savings.
HealthStream’s Policy Manager software was attractive because it met the criteria they were looking for and had functionality that their current system was missing.


Once Policy Manager was up and running, it streamlined their workflow and allowed for efficient movement of policy and process documentation. The CIO and executive
administrative assistant noted the Dynamic Fields feature was a game changer, because information for reports comes directly from the system, creating a single source for all documentation.


The quick turnaround, ease of managing policy revisions, and approval process has made a huge impact on the team’s workflow. Reports automatically indicate when policies are past due rather than having to manually review each policy. The options for tracking movement of documents and unilateral source material have vastly decreased the amount of time needed for new policy creation: What once took 45-60 days as a baseline now took less than a week.

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6 weeks’ improvement in policy management process

"I work a lot with the policies and I’m just happy with the product. I really am. It has taken a lot of load off my workflow.”

Rosanna Todman, Executive Administrative Assistant