How a D.C. Health Provider Attained Zero Serious Safety Events for OB

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021


All healthcare organizations strive to provide their patients and families the highest quality of care, transparency in treatment, and zero preventable harm. One of the largest healthcare providers in the D.C. area with a broad range of care sites across the continuum was especially dedicated to achieving zero harm in obstetrics given more than 700 US women die annually as a result of complications. However, from 2015-2017 they experienced various obstetrical serious safety events and shoulder dystocia lawsuits, despite the use of another obstetrics learning program.


They knew they needed a change, so they partnered with HealthStream to co-develop a high impact obstetrics program that would focus on common challenges identified from claims data. Most critical was that the program could inform practice and improve outcomes. The program, known as Quality OB, addresses two core obstetric competencies and four situational competencies. It focused only on the ‘need to know’ information so as not to distract the learner from unnecessary learning and instead, emphasize case-based decision-making. Further, to enhance continuous learning, monthly learning ‘snacks’ are delivered to incrementally develop clinicians from novice to expert.


After the second year using the new Quality OB program, they finally attained zero OB serious safety events. They have also not had any shoulder dystocia claims during the two-year period. As a result, they estimated a 100% decrease in paid claims based on the average number of annual claims and total cost of claims per year, totaling tens of millions in savings annually. While patient safety was the key success metric, Quality OB also received high marks from the obstetrical staff, including nurses, physicians, and residents.

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