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January 18, 2024
January 18, 2024


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At the core of excellence lies the San Juan Regional Medical Center (SJRMC) – a 198-bed, non-profit, community owned hospital. SJRMC is guided by unwavering stewardship principles and a dedication to elevated patient care and service.


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With SJRMC’s commitment of personalizing orientation to the unique needs of every employee, a profound realization struck them: change was imperative. The outdated paper-based program, consuming an average of 8 laborious hours per employee MPD, could no longer suffice. The desire emerged for a system to streamline orientation and assessment, as well as seamlessly schedule complimentary trained nurses for shifts, was part of their wish list.



As jane immediately fulfilled many wish list items, SJRMC embraced the new program eagerly. Progress became tangible as they tracked residents’ advancements at six months and oneyear milestones. Education took on a personal touch through tailored initial assessments, while addressing knowledge gaps with timely resets. jane’s knowledge and critical thinking assessment tools won the educator’s hearts, proving to be effective guides in their educational journey.


The 8 precious hours saved per each employee onboarded meant more than just time saved; it was honoring their commitment of personalized orientation and learning. SJRMC leadership saw this program as a realization of overall organizational goals while also cutting down administrative duties. Not only was time saved, but $280 per nurse assessment was saved through the adoption of jane. Educators tracked each new nurse’s progress, personalizing their experiences and boosting critical thinking skills. The assistance provided by HealthStream during setup was noted as a great help and timesaver.

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$280 per nurse assessment savings

"Our organization embraced PBDS for 19 years and while we really liked it, we had ideas for how it could be even better. jane is exactly what we envisioned! We save an average of eight hours of educator time per assessment!”

Patricia Maule, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, Clinical Scholar and Nursing Education Manager 

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