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Resources, speed make the difference with Quality Manager

May 10, 2024
May 10, 2024

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Providing gracious retirement living since 1965, United Church of Christ Homes provides a full continuum of residential care with six communities, serving each new generation of seniors and welcoming people of all faiths and life experiences. As a non-profit organization, United Church of Christ Homes focuses their attention on creating a comfortable, caring and productive lifestyle for their residents, guided by their mission to provide care and service to elders through acts of love and compassion.

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Sharon Eyster, the Vice President of Operations/COO at UCC Homes, had a long history of working with the Quality Manager tool, as she was first introduced to it in 2009 and championed its integration at her then company. She used it consistently with her facilities and brought it to UCC Homes a year and a half ago, at a time when the organization was still primarily reliant on CMS templates for surveys. Using paper meant it could take days to complete the documentation, because the team had to manually perform all functions.


Eyster noted that her focus was to move UCC Homes’ buildings to mock assessments done electronically. Quality Manager perfectly met their needs because it covered all of the major components and, unlike a paper template, it removed any lingering opinion-based assessment so they would know precisely what staff, services, and equipment were needed for their patient demographic groups. Quality Manager allowed them to pull in resident demographics and quickly make updates to the facility assessment based on that data so they could meet the quarterly update schedule as required by their state.


By using Quality Manager instead of the CMS facility assessment templates, they have reduced the process of assessment from days to hours, and in some cases less than an hour. It has not only sped up the process, but administrators can rely on accurate MDS data and can quickly update their services as resident needs change.

Overall, the comprehensive resources and level of customer support were vital to the team’s ability to fully take advantage of the program. As an administrator, Eyster can see who isn’t using the program and she can reach out to see if they need additional support from HealthStream.

"It’s been phenomenal since HealthStream took over. The level of customer support has been the thing allowing us to move forward unlike anything I’ve experienced in the last 13 years.”

Sharon Eyster, MA, LBSW, CNHA, FACHCA, Vice President of Operations/COO, United Church of Christ Homes

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