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San Juan Regional Medical Center

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021


San Juan Regional Medical Center (SJRMC) is a 198 bed, nonprofit, community owned hospital, with a commitment to good stewardship principles that enhance services and care. Though they had been utilizing the Performance Based Development System (PBDS) to assess nurse competency for 19 years, the growing organization needed to adapt to changing clinical needs.

Their wish list of items for improvement included a program that offered a more detailed description of nurse progress, indicators for targeting strengths and weaknesses, feedback on and prioritization of problems, and the precision of a quantifiable score as opposed to a rating.


Noting that HealthStream’s Jane® would immediately fulfill many of their wish list items, SJRMC began using Jane for new graduate nurses, transitioning staff, and traveling nurses. Leaders noted that with transitioning nurses, Jane provided assessment of competency gaps, recommendations for personalized competency plans at scale, and evidence-based learning options.

Additionally, travelers expressed relief that the system of testing was so much easier now. Overall, leadership felt the change provided phenomenal results—specific benefits awarded kudos included the support HealthStream provided with Jane


SJRMC experienced a reduction in CLABSI and CAUTI, two common healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs), due to their improved orientation program that includes Jane. Significant time and cost savings were other valued impacts. SJRMC estimated educators saved an average eight hours per nurse assessment by reducing the time spent preparing, proctoring, reviewing results, writing plans, and meeting with students or managers. With an average $280 savings per assessment, SJRMC realized more than $40,000 in savings within the first seven months. Reduced assessment anxiety among staff was another plus, as was the quantifiable data on staff learning.