Staffing Optimized at Deaconess with Enterprise-Wide ShiftWizard Implementation

July 24, 2023
July 24, 2023

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About the Customer

Deaconess Gateway Hospital has 10 nursing units and an additional 10 nursing units at the main hospital campus, as well as a resource team across those units using ShiftWizard. 

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Deaconess had a long history of providing efficient care, but as the organization scaled up, it became evident that several departments operating in silos were using different stand-alone staffing management solutions. They needed a way to share staff efficiently across nearby locations. 


When they began using ShiftWizard in 2015, they didn’t expect to see huge cost savings with productivity since they were already managing that so aggressively, but knew there were other ways to realize additional savings with staff scheduling. They began using the solution with nursing, but quickly extended to a number of ancillary departments. They immediately noticed the benefits of having a transparent system, especially to address gaps and overages. 


ShiftWizard gave Deaconess the flexibility to manage staffing in four-hour shifts instead of traditional eight-hour shifts, as well as standardize shift start and stop times across all departments. Having previously relied on Excel spreadsheets to manage staff scheduling, the system realized savings of hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars per year.

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Benefits Beyond Nursing: “I would say the primary benefit has been time-savings, realized through ShiftWizard’s self-scheduling and template-based scheduling capabilities. I estimate that ShiftWizard allows us to do in just 12 hours, what would have taken at least 24 using our previous solution, and at least a week using a paper-based system.”
Meredith Petty, Pharmacy, Deaconess

"There is nothing more frustrating than if you need eight people per shift, but have 15 people sign up on one day and only three the next day. With ShiftWizard, we can establish PAR levels, ensuring that employees only sign up for available shifts, and making it easier on everyone involved.”

Kathy Clodfelter, Director of Patient Care Services, Deaconess

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