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University of Louisville Hospital

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021


The University of Louisville (UofL) Hospital is an academic teaching and research hospital that is part of UofL Health, a fully integrated regional academic health system with five hospitals, four medical centers, and multiple other care facilities. They had been using a manual nurse assessment method that was effective though time-consuming to operate and especially implement. Education coordinators knew this solution would not scale well for consistent use across all hospitals in the system, which was the end goal. However, nurse leaders had understandable concerns that a more automated process would not provide the customized, accurate, and practical results demanded of the program.


UofL Hospital decided to add HealthStream’s Jane®, a dynamic system that identifies gaps and recommends personalized nurse competency plans across the knowledge and clinical judgment domains. They chose Jane specifically because they wanted to transition from time-consuming manual processes to a more standardized approach. Jane was rolled out in January 2020, and UofL Hospital coordinators quickly found themselves pivoting to use Jane to rapidly assess new nurses and efficiently transition existing nurses to additional areas of need, in response to changing care demands during the COVID-19 pandemic.


During the first 90 days of using Jane, UofL Hospital experienced a 50% reduction in time spent managing assessments. The increased speed in delivery of testing, grading, and analysis made it possible for them to complete more than 270 assessments during that time period, as well. The easy, intuitive program was cited as particularly valuable in getting up to speed quickly. Upon review, any concerns about using Jane as an assessment solution have been minimized by accurate and objective results.

Jane also provided the unexpected benefit of allowing the hospital to react quickly during the COVID crisis with minimal disruption. With the impressive results so far, UofL Health intends to implement Jane in more of its hospitals.