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Opioids: A National Health Crisis

The United States continues to feel the staggering impact of the opioid crisis—as many as two million Americans have a prescription-related substance use disorder (SUD). By some estimates, 45 people die every day due to a prescription opioid-related overdose, four times as many as 20 years ago. The healthcare industry is addressing this rapidly evolving situation with a broad, coordinated platform that covers everything from viable treatment options to awareness and prevention programs. Not only are healthcare professionals and their organizations tasked with providing care to those affected, but these clinicians and their colleagues have to do so while complying with all legal requirements, whether local, state, or federal, that restrict prescriptions as well as guide treating and reporting opioid abuse.

This E-book focuses on the value of education and training for helping healthcare professionals respond to the opioid crisis. Article subjects include: Seeing past the opioid problem, HealthStream & National Quality Forum partner to combat the opioid crisis, navigating the unknowns of opioid regulation and education, and saving G.R.A.C.E.

May 11, 2021