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Best Practices for Conducting Leader Rounding on Employees: Explain

This blog post continues our series of patient experience best practices from the HealthStream Engagement Institute. We regularly share information that demonstrates our understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare organizations and the solutions we have identified for improving the patient experience and patient and business outcomes.

From the start of rounding on staff, the healthcare leader should:

  • Explain the reason for rounding on employees.
  • Encourage open and honest communication.
  • Manage expectations.

Here are some additional guidelines:

  • Explain to those you encounter your reasons for being there. This encourages open and honest communication.
  • Articulate the common goal for the organization, and connect the dots between the individual employee’s job and the service that the person provides.
  • Describe what success will look like for the department and for the organization.
  • Make measures, results, and outcomes meaningful by telling stories that will inspire others to repeat positive behaviors and correct deficient areas.
  • If your organization has Standards of Performance, keep them in the forefront by referencing them and living them through your actions as you round. This also helps to hardwire behavioral expectations throughout the organization.
  • Establish a tone of “no fault” exploration of ideas and issues.

Leader’s Advantage Tip: Pay attention to your employees’ interests and what they consider important. Talking about vacation plans, celebrations, and other events, as well as displaying pictures of family, pets, and friends, is an employee’s way of inviting you to learn more about her or him as an individual. The leader who is observant takes notes and asks questions, thus connecting with the employee in a way that builds a strong sense of belonging.

About the Best Practice Series

We are pleased to share the best practices developed by our expert coaches from the HealthStream Engagement Institute. This series of how-to publications offers proven techniques, key words and phrases, and processes to help you transform your culture to one of high performance.

Our Best Practices Series, based on employee-developed and employee-managed practices and programs, includes the following:

  • Hourly Rounding
  • Reward and Recognition
  • Peer Interviewing
  • Bright Ideas™
  • Purposeful Rounding
  • Words that WorkSM
  • Service Recovery
  • Standards of Performance

Our goal for this collection is to offer you even more tools to achieve extraordinary service and higher levels of performance excellence.

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