• Developing Critical Thinking Skills in New Clinicians

    Developing Critical Thinking Skills in New Clinicians

    The healthcare industry is facing a convergence of events that make it imperative that we build competency in our new clinicians as quickly as possible. HealthStream is working diligently to offer solutions for healthcare organizations that will help develop and retain their clinicians.
  • Survive or Thrive? Where Long-Term Care Goes From Here

    Survive or Thrive? Where Long-Term Care Goes From Here

    In this four article eBook, HealthStream takes a broad look at the various issues that long-term care organizations are facing. We present the results of a COVID-19 survey conducted among healthcare leaders, we review top issues that are changing the delivery of care, and what the future of long-term care will look like in a post-pandemic world.
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    Improving Clinical Quality Outcomes Across The Care Continuum

    The environment for healthcare delivery continues to change in the U.S., and these evolutions cause us to continually update the focus we place on quality improvement and patient safety. As things change in the industry, we must continue to add new safeguards that reflect the new environment.
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    Innovation to Enhance Clinical Development: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Personalization

    Artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and personalization have promise for creating a new environment and greater success for healthcare workforce development. We can use AI for better assessment of decision-making and competency and help clinicians experience healthcare situations more realistically using VR. Once these tools pinpoint clinicians’ gaps in understanding as well as their opportunities for training and growth, development plans tailored and targeted to individual needs will ensure that every clinician plays an important part in providing the highest quality care.
  • healthcare compliance officer ebook

    Compliance Officers – Guardians of the Healthcare Galaxy

    Compliance officers hold one of the most important jobs in a healthcare organization – in fact, you may even consider them the guardians of the healthcare galaxy! They are responsible for defending against various threats and arming their team with the knowledge and tools they need to keep their organization safe from non-compliance. Perhaps most importantly, they ensure patients receive the best care delivered within the guidelines set forth by governing bodies. We’ve created this eBook filled with articles and best practices from thought leaders in the industry to help compliance officers navigate the ever-changing healthcare universe.
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    Harvey, Irma and Las Vegas: Lessons Learned from the Leaders Who Were There

    In the fall of 2017, a number of our nation’s leading health systems dealt with natural disasters or mass casualty events one right after the other. In this eBook, HealthStream focuses on first-hand accounts from the local emergency department Medical Directors in Southeast Florida, Houston, and Las Vegas. Learn more about the tremendous stories of healthcare leaders rising to the occasion and heroes working around-the-clock to care for multitudes of patients.
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    Get Ahead of the Trends: A Look at the Top Issues Impacting the Healthcare Workforce

    The healthcare workforce is at the heart of many of the big changes coming to the healthcare industry. Not only are we asking them to do more with fewer resources, time, and manpower, but they are also tasked with continually improving outcomes, both for patients and their organizations. This eBook takes a deeper look into how your organization can strengthen your healthcare workforce and enable them to provide quality care.
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    Do You Do A Good Job Transitioning Nurses To New Practice Settings?

    Are your transition programs so strong they are providing you a competitive advantage in attracting nurses who are eager to work in your facilities? In this eBook, we examine the benefits and share best practices of pursuing accreditation from three perspectives—nurse leadership at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth, leaders at ANCC, and nursing coaches at HealthStream. Their stories will make you want to step up your own game when it comes to transitioning nurses.
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    Workforce Readiness: Preparing Today for Tomorrow’s Unknown

    The perils facing healthcare organizations are numerous and sometimes overwhelming for today’s leaders. But peace-of-mind comes by developing a confident workforce that is knowledgeable in best practices for avoiding hazards and handling unexpected situations as they arise. In this eBook we consider some of the potential threats facing healthcare organizations and learn from leaders who have first-hand experience in surmounting these challenges.
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    The Future of Learning: New Technologies Influencing Clinical Development

    New technology is starting to have a dramatic impact on how we educate and develop our healthcare workforce. Technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence have until recently only been associated with gaming and other types of entertainment, but their influence in healthcare is rapidly gaining traction. In this eBook, HealthStream takes a look at some of these emerging technologies and products and the influence they may have in your organization in the not-too-distant future. You won’t believe how many exciting new possibilities are just over the horizon.
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    Trends in Healthcare Learning

    Healthcare is changing rapidly, and it’s no surprise that healthcare education needs to do the same. This eBook addresses advances in training, including the heightened focus on lifelong learning and new education methods that enhance knowledge retention and advance competency.

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