• Patient Safety

    Patient Safety...in Numbers

    Ensuring that patients are safe while receiving care is of paramount importance to healthcare organizations. The statistics are staggering, but it’s more than just numbers when lives are at stake. Download this infographic to understand the broad impact of safety on patients and healthcare organization alike.
  • ILCOR: A Closer Look at the Science of CPR Infographic

    ILCOR: A Closer Look at the Science of CPR

    The International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) provides a forum for liaison between principal resuscitation organizations worldwide. Download this infographic now to learn more about the science behind CPR.
  • CDI Thumbnail_300x330

    Six Tips That Can Transition CDI From Financial to Quality Benchmarks

    While optimal reimbursement is still vital to a health care organization's revenue integrity, there is a heavier focus on documentation that impacts quality measures. Download the infographic to see how your organization can transition from financial to quality benchmarks.
  • Infographic Thumbnail_Web_300x330

    Competency-Based Progression Leads to Better Prepared Staff

    Giving students control over the learning process can lead to a 60% faster learning curve. Download this infographic now to learn more.
  • OpenPayment infographic thumbnails_Flat300x330 (1)

    CMS Open Payments Database

    On June 30, 2019, the federal government published the latest version of the CMS Open Payments database. This database includes any payment to physicians in excess of $10.00 for consulting, honoraria, or almost any other purpose.
  • Untitled design (2)

    7 Factors of Holistic Employee Retention

    Did you know that employee turnover costs will reach $600 billion this year? With healthcare growth, and all-time low unemployment rates, the fear of being let go has been replaced by the desire to find work that meet all of their employment aspirations. Download this infographic to learn ways to retain your employees.
  • Hartford  Tracking and Reporting

    Instantaneous Tracking and Reporting with IMD

    Many organizations struggle with disparate learning management systems, with no unified tool to manage and verify training completions. As a result, tracking of course completions has to be done on various spreadsheets with multiple exports. But who has time for that? Download this infographic now to learn how HealthStream’s Initiative Management Dashboard helped one organization seamlessly get data at their fingertips.
  • Journey to Clinical Excellence

    Discover Your Journey to Clinical Excellence

    Meet James! He just graduated from nursing school and is eager to develop his clinical skills. Lucky for James his hospital uses HealthStream. In this new interactive infographic, take an elevator ride with James and see how his clinical leaders are able to empower him with the confidence and competence he needs to practice safely by taking advantage of the support available through HealthStream’s Clinical Development Suite.
  • Healthcare Denied Claims Infographic

    Denied Claims Through The Revenue Cycle

    Your claims are denied for many reasons. This erodes your bottom line, impedes timely reimbursement, and costs time and money to appeal. The key to avoiding denials is to train your staff to avoid mistakes before they are made. Download this infographic to learn how HealthStream’s Revenue Cycle Solutions can clean up your claim submissions and decrease the rate of denials.
  • MedTech

    Improperly Sterilized Medical Equipment

    Improperly sterilized or high-level disinfected (HLD) equipment can have extreme consequences. Download this infographic to learn how HealthStream can help you proactively ensure your staff is trained and knowledgeable when it comes to handling medical equipment properly.
  • Revolving Door

    Is Your Organization a Revolving Door?

    Healthcare HR directors are constantly under pressure to deliver a first-rate workforce. Contributing to this pressure is employee turnover—one of the most costly issues for HR managers, which manifests itself in two ways. One relates to new nurses fresh out of school that must be trained and oriented. Turnover rates for these new nurses is a substantial problem. The second issue relates to seasoned nurses that leave the hospital for other opportunities. This tendency has been exacerbated recently by the improvement in the economy, which normally provides more opportunities for change among healthcare professionals. Is your Organization a Revolving Door?
  • Total Rewards Infographic

    Show Your Employees Their Total Paycheck

    On average, salary comprises only 69% of an employee’s total compensation (Source: BLS, Employer Costs for Employee Compensation Summary, Dec 2016). Employees don’t see the other 31% of non-cash value, composed of valuable items such as training, vacation, healthcare subsidies, electronics, remote working equipment, or even the fancy espresso machine in the break room. Show your employees your full investment with these 9 easy steps to implementing Total Rewards in your own organization.
  • improve perinatal outcomes

    Improve Perinatal Outcomes

    The United States has the highest maternal mortality rate of any high resource country—and it’s the only country outside of Afghanistan and Sudan where the rate is rising. With the goal to decrease adverse patient outcomes, HealthStream and MedStar Health have co-developed an effective OB risk-focused learning series that ensures maximum knowledge acquisition and retention. Download the infographic to find out how the OB Risk Program can help your facility improve perinatal outcomes.
  • billing fraud

    Billing Fraud: The Dangers of Cloning

    Healthcare compliance continues to evolve with increased scrutiny on healthcare fraud, coding and documentations, and other critical risk areas. Every year, millions of dollars are improperly spent due to fraud and the consequences are severe. Download this infographic to read about a common scenario and what you can do to protect your organization.
  • sexual harassement in healthcare

    Sexual Harassment: The Boss' Helper

    Sexual harassment is a crime and contributes to a a poor work environment. Awareness, through education, is the key to preventing, and ultimately eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace. Download this infographic to read about a scenario and learn what you can do to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • stark and referrals

    Stark and Referrals: Pay For Just The Work

    Employee shortages among hospital medical staff is a serious issue in many areas. It can be difficult to attract physicians to work part-time when needed. to fill slots, hospitals may be tempted to offer additional payment and bonuses which is a violation of Stark law. Download this infographic to read about a common scenario and what you can do to prevent violations.
  • hipaa compliance

    HIPAA: PHI Where It Didn't Belong

    All healthcare workers are affected by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), a legislation which provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. HIPAA noncompliance can result in negative consequences such as disciplinary action, large fines and penalties. Download this infographic to read about a common scenario and what you can do to protect your organization and prevent violations.
  • revenue cycle optimization

    DIY Project: Revenue Cycle Optimization

    With the right instructions, team, and tools, some things can be fixed more efficiently and for less cost when you do it yourself. Your revenue cycle is one of those things. Here's how to fix it...
  • healthcare leadership development

    When it’s Time to Pass the Baton, Will the Next Runner be Ready?

    Nurse leaders are retiring in record rates and currently 1 in 2 healthcare job openings remain unfilled. The need for leadership is critical now more than ever before. The best future leaders will come from the high-potential employees who are already a part of the organization and know the culture. Developing those employees now is imperative to business & clinical success. Will you be ahead of the pack or trailing behind?
  • building nurse confidence

    Bridging the Gap: Building Nurse Confidence from Education to Practice

    New nurses are in high demand, and new graduates face a number of transition challenges that can lead to low confidence and high turnover. In addition, replacing nurses is expensive, costing one to one and a half times an annual salary. HealthStream’s Nurse Residency Pathway uses an intelligent, analytical approach to help with managing and onboarding new nurses-- in a cohesive and effective manner. The result is an increase in job satisfaction, new grad competence, and most importantly, patient safety.

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