• power of elearning

    The Power of eLearning

    The median in-hospital survival rate for cardiac arrest is an unacceptable 24%, yet busy admins make it hard to manage a CPR program and balance education initiatives. Download the infographic to find out how HeartCode can help save money and transform your resuscitation program.
  • medical device impact on RNs

    Medical Device Impact on RNs

    75% of Nurses are stressed due to lack of proper medical device training while product implementations are moving at an increasingly rapid pace, healthcare organizations are tasked with meeting ever-higher productivity standards. Learn more in this infographic.
  • healthcare recruiting

    The New Rules of Healthcare Recruiting

    Healthcare organizations are bucking traditional recruiting models to zero in on the best job candidates, accelerate selection, and engage candidates from the start. This infographic looks at the trends reshaping the healthcare workforce and the new rules of recruiting.
  • high cost of readmission

    The High Cost of Readmissions

    Since the passing of the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP), the number of diagnosis that qualify for potential penalty has grown from three to five with more expected to be added in FY2017. The maximum rate of penalty has also jumped from 1% to 3% over that same period of time. Acute and post-acute healthcare facilities must address this swelling issue in order to prevent the HRRP from impacting their bottom line while ensuring the best possible care for their patients.
  • coder productivity

    Coder Productivity

    This infographic provides an overview of the decline and productivity coders are experiencing as a result of ICD-10.
  • evidence based practice

    6 Steps to Evidence-Based Practice

    By the year 2020, 90% of clinical decisions will be supported by accurate, timely, up-to-date clinical information, and will reflect the best available evidence. See how you can start achieving evidence-based practice at your organization with these 6 steps.
  • cost of nurse turnover

    The Cost of Nurse Turnover

    Nurses are turning over at staggering rates – at an average cost of $3.9 million to your hospital every year. The good news – we know why, and can take steps to prevent it from happening. Learn more in this infographic.

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