• coder productivity

    Coder Productivity

    This infographic provides an overview of the decline and productivity coders are experiencing as a result of ICD-10.
  • disengaged physicians

    What's to Blame for Disengaged Physicians?

    Physician engagement is an integral part of sustaining excellence in the patient experience. Focused efforts can lead to maximized reimbursements as well as the achievement of quality and financial performance goals.
  • evidence based practice

    6 Steps to Evidence-Based Practice

    By the year 2020, 90% of clinical decisions will be supported by accurate, timely, up-to-date clinical information, and will reflect the best available evidence. See how you can start achieving evidence-based practice at your organization with these 6 steps.
  • patient experience touch points

    Patient Experience Touch Points in the Physician Office

    The patient experience is shaped across the entire continuum of care and includes everything the patient sees, hears, feels, and touches while moving across it. There are five sets of touch points in the physician practice to consider when working to create an exceptional patient experience.
  • cost of nurse turnover

    The Cost of Nurse Turnover

    Nurses are turning over at staggering rates – at an average cost of $6.25 million to your hospital every year. The good news – we know why, and can take steps to prevent it from happening. Learn more in this infographic.

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