Provider Advisor

Fall 2016

In this edition of Provider Advisor, we take an in-depth look at the quality of care and the role of providers in achieving it. Among the subjects we tackle are CG-CAHPS, revenue cycle, quality data, patient surveys about their providers, and credentialing and privileging. We pay special attention to our recent acquisition of Morrisey Associates of Chicago, IL. From this purchase, HealthStream’s Provider Solutions segment gains a wide array of market-leading products for credentialing and privileging healthcare professionals, complementing our current Echo line of products. The combination of Morrisey and Echo makes HealthStream the market leader in these areas today and provides the market expertise we need to deliver next generation provider solutions in the near future.

Articles in this issue include:

  • Executive Letter

    HealthStream Acquires Morrisey Associates—Uniting the two leading Medical Staff Credentialing and Privileging companies

  • Feature Article

    Focus on Documenting Care Quality: Challenges & Rewards

  • Feature Article

    Revenue Cycle Issues, Woeful Inefficiency Make Provider Enrollment a HOT Topic

  • Feature Article

    HealthStream Acquires Morrisey Associates, Expands Credentialing and Privileging Solutions

  • Under the Microscope

    Hospital Safety Is Improving: A Reduction in Hospital-Acquired Conditions

  • Industry Challenge

    CHI Memorial Tackles CG-CAHPS

  • Product Innovation

    Using Social Media to Measure Consumer Feedback of Providers

  • HealthStream100

    Healthcare and Politics: Who’ll be the Best Candidate for the Industry?

  • Expert Opinion

    Enhance Physician Performance through Vital Conversations – An Interview with HealthStream’s James Lonquist, MD and Melissa Wurm, MHA, PCC, LSW

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