Provider Advisor

Spring 2018

With this issue of Provider Advisor focused on innovation, we are proud to announce the launch of Verity™, a HealthStream Company, a newly formed entity that combines our Echo and Morrisey businesses. The organizations that are now united in Verity bring together over 75 years of industry experience, innovation, and unparalleled solutions resulting in Verity’s becoming the leading credentialing, enrollment, and privileging company in the United States. Already, Verity™ serves over 2,400 hospitals and over 1,000 medical groups. As Verity’s President Michael J. Sousa puts it, “More than just software, Verity combines the best platform, content, data, services, and community to deliver a foundational source of truth for healthcare organizations.”

In this issue we provide detailed survey results from our 2017 annual report on provider enrollment. We know you share our interest in the current and changing landscape of provider enrollment and its implications for medical groups, hospitals, and healthcare organizations, all of whom are facing an uncertain healthcare environment, escalating costs, and declining reimbursements. Other articles cover organizational experiences in disaster and innovation, and provide some insight around combatting cyber attacks and the opioid epidemic. Articles include:

  • Feature Article

    The Nation’s New Leader in Credentialing, Enrollment, and Privileging

  • Feature Article

    LEARNING FROM THOSE WHO WEATHERED THE STORM: How TeamHealth providers cared for patients before and after hurricanes Harvey and Irma

  • Feature Article

    A GLIMPSE INTO BANNER HEALTH’S CVO: Ensuring Accurate Provider Information to Achieve Data Integrity

  • Industry Challenge

    Making Employees the First Line of Defense Against a Phishing Cyberattack

  • Under the Microscope

    The Complicated Opioid Epidemic: What to Look for as a Physician

  • Product Innovation

    Verity’s™ 2017 Annual Report on Provider Enrollment: Opportunities for Improvement Definitely Exist

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