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  • How to Banish the Bully Who Wreaks Havoc in Healthcare

    Date and Time: February 28, 2018 01:00 PM
    Length: 60 minutes

    When rudeness, incivility, and bullying behavior occurs on a healthcare team, the consequences can be deadly. This destructive conduct adds to medical errors, poor patient satisfaction, higher employee turnover, stress, burnout, and higher healthcare costs for consumers. Civility training in healthcare settings has the potential to improve patient care, strengthen team relationships, and create an atmosphere that energizes and inspires those who are in it. Join us and find out how your organization can tackle bullying in 2018.

  • Thinking Outside the Box: Leveraging Education to Drive Patient Access Initiatives

    Date and Time: March 06, 2018 10:00 AM
    Length: 60 minutes

    In this presentation, the speakers will walkthrough several challenges within the Patient Access function and how systematic training and investment into your employees can lead to tremendous success. They will also look at how implementing an effective and efficient program to turn a hospital or community’s existing population into quality front staff will help to solve the supply challenge. This program is aimed at improving quality, reducing cost, increasing patient satisfaction, providing a career path for Patient Access professionals, and insuring a robust and strong revenue cycle.

  • Overcoming the Fear of CPR: Ways to Improve High-Quality Resuscitation Training

    Date and Time: March 06, 2018 01:00 PM
    Length: 60 minutes

    Even trained healthcare professionals can lack confidence in their ability to deliver CPR, often resulting in fear or avoidance of Mock Codes. In this webinar we are joined by consultant and educator, Nicole Kupchik, who will share best practices for overcoming obstacles in resuscitation training to ensure your workforce is confident and capable in delivering high-quality CPR. The discussion will tackle pressing issues with pauses, chest compression fraction, defibrillation events, over-ventilation and more—equipping your organization for improved outcomes.

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