• White Paper: Preparing for the 2021 Joint Commission Safety Standards Deadline

    Preparing for the 2021 Joint Commission Safety Standards Deadline? HealthStream’s Quality OB Program is Associated with Lower Risk Claims

    Today, U.S. maternal mortality rates are still unacceptably high, with the number of maternal deaths significantly surpassing those from all other highly developed countries. Approximately 700 deaths occur annually from pregnancy-related complications, and 50,000 women are injured every year during childbirth. In tracking the trends in pregnancy-related deaths, the CDC identifies causes and risk factors of deaths, as well as tracks the extreme racial disparities that exist in pregnancy-related mortality.
  • Avoiding a Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA)-Article

    Avoiding a Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA)

    Too often, critical functions within healthcare organizations operate independently and separately, without interaction. There may be little communication, collaboration, or synergy taking place among them. These communication gaps are never more operationally painful than when an organization enters into a CIA with the government. Download this white paper to learn the importance of communication in avoiding CIAs.
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    2019 Annual Report on Managing Conflicts of Interest

    In today’s healthcare landscape, the assurance of a conflict-free environment has never been more important; therefore, organizations need to take the appropriate steps and action to achieve this environment. In this white paper, HealthStream, surveyed 281 healthcare compliance leaders throughout the U.S. to learn more about the compliance programs in their hospitals. HealthStream wanted to discover how well Conflicts of Interest were being monitored and uncover any gaps in the process. Download the whitepaper to learn more.
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    5 Ways Compensation Planning Can Improve Employee Retention

    For most healthcare organizations, their greatest expense—and greatest differentiator—is their employees. In this paper, we look at the role compensation can play in supporting employee retention and suggest ways healthcare organizations can use a strong compensation strategy to reduce employee turnover.
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    Improving Outcomes Through Goal-Setting

    We know that every team member in our health systems is mission critical in providing patient-centered excellence. Ensuring that every team member who wears an employment badge is competent (and ultimately confident) is the ultimate responsibility healthcare leaders face. Use goal management to clearly outline competencies, and achieve organizational objectives.
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    The Power of Total Rewards

    On average, an employee’s salary compromises only 69% of their total compensation. Download this white paper to discover the value of showing employees the hidden percentage of their paychecks.

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