Workforce Advisor

Summer 2014

This issue of Healthcare Workforce Advisor Includes:

  • Executive Letter
    Welcome from HealthStream CEO Bobby Frist
  • Your Toolbox
    Five Questions You Should Ask About Your Workforce
  • Under the Microscope
    Creating a Culture of Accountability – Where Do You Stand?
  • Feature Article
    The Business Case for Leadership Assessment
  • Our Perspective
    Making Goals Matter: The Power of Cascading Goals in Healthcare
  • Close-Up
    Great Leadership: Lessons on the Importance of Employee Engagement
  • Customer Spotlight
    Feather River Hospital
  • Partner Spotlight
    Use Content Mapping to Support Competency and Performance and Improve the Patient Experience
  • Our Talent Pool
    Q&A with Donna Sue Snyder, Senior Director, Human Resources, HealthStream
  • Product Innovation
    SNFs Under Intense Scrutiny

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