Workforce Advisor

Spring 2015

In the Spring 2015 issue of the Healthcare Workforce Advisor, we honor our nurses—there are very few jobs in our country that are as demanding as those held by our advanced practice nurses, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nurses aides. Nursing is a 24/7 job, and many caregivers are routinely working 12-hour shifts. They may work nights, weekends, and holidays and may also regularly be “on-call” and feel pressure to work overtime. In addition, as we have seen recently, they are vulnerable to patients who present with infectious diseases, patients who exhibit violent behavior, and their own ongoing contact with potentially harmful drugs and chemicals. Nurses also spend a lot of time bending and stretching and are prone to back injuries, because they must often lift and move patients. It is clearly an occupation for those driven by a desire to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

At HealthStream, we are committed to supporting the ongoing development needs of our nation’s nurses. We strive to continually improve the products and services we offer so that nurses throughout the U.S. can feel competent and confident in the care they provide. We are working to improve the transition-to-practice for new nurses, to support the new American Heart Association guidelines for resuscitation, to assist managers in assessing nurse competency, and to make it easier for all nurses to complete their continuing education requirements.

This issue of Healthcare Workforce Advisor includes:

  • Industry Challenge
    Is It Time for Gender Diversity in Nursing?
  • Our Perspective
    Confronting Turnover through Engagement
  • Industry Trend
    Is There A Nursing Shortage?
  • Close-Up
    Five Things to Do Differently within Recruiting for 2015
  • Feature Article
    What St. David's HealthCare Can Teach You about Talent Management
  • Post-Acute Perspective
    New Collaborations between Home Health Organizations and Hospitals
  • Partner Spotlight
    Why It Is Important to Implement Evidence-Based Practice
  • Customer Spotlight
    Forrest General Hospital, Hattiesburg, MS
  • Our Talent Pool
    Meet HealthStream's Nurses
  • Events
    Patient Experience Symposium

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