Workforce Advisor

Summer 2015

The number of new mandates and healthcare regulations issued in just the past five years is immense. Recent research from PriceWaterhouseCoopers indicates that most healthcare CEOs are worried about the risk of over-regulation, with some 71% saying they are nervous about recent changes in regulation. Another survey indicates that “improving regulatory compliance” is the top priority this year for healthcare executives. This issue of Healthcare Workforce Advisor, focused on compliance, includes:

  • Executive Perspective
    Regulatory Compliance Remains a Top Priority
  • Industry Trend
    Responsible Use of Social Media in Healthcare
  • Our Perspective
    10 Indicators Your Compliance Program Is Effective
  • Hot Topic
    Meeting the Training Requirements of Corporate Integrity Agreements
  • Workforce Development
     Human Resources: Is Your House in Order?
  • Feature Article
    Talent Assessment and Legal Defensibility: Will Your Hiring Process Hold Up Under Government Scrutiny?
  • Close Up
    How Human Resources and Compliance Officers Should Work Together
  • Product Innovation
    Conflicts of Interest is Becoming a Hot Topic in Healthcare
  • Industry Challenge
    HCA’s Lee Ann Hanna Comments on Challenges in Medical Technology Training
  • Customer Spotlight
    Blazing New Trails: Seasons Hospice Uses Education and Competency Assessment to Support and Improve Compliance
  • Expert Opinion
    Top 3 Compliance Challenges and What Keeps Officers Up at Night: Debbie Newsholme Comments on Key Compliance Issues
  • HealthStream Events
    Upcoming Events at HealthStream

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