Workforce Advisor

Fall 2015

Medicine is about taking care of and healing patients, and no one knows this better than physicians and the teams of healthcare professionals that support them. As significant changes continue to reshape U.S. healthcare, however, physicians are faced with unprecedented obstacles and pressures. Increased regulatory burdens, hassles with getting paid by insurance companies, and increased costs of operating a practice are taking a toll on physicians, sometimes diminishing their enthusiasm for medicine and affecting patient experience negatively. It is clear that physicians are in need of innovative solutions that make it easier for them to focus more of their time on what they do best—helping patients.

This issue of Healthcare Workforce Advisor, focused on physicians, includes:

  • Executive Perspective
    Helping Physicians Confront Challenges and Thrive
  • Under the Microscope
    Standardization Needed for Credentialing and Provider Enrollment
  • Hot Topic
    Physician Burnout – a Four Step Path to Engagement
  • Our Perspective
    Challenges of Engaging and Retaining Physicians
  • Close Up
    Shining A Light on the Physician Payments Sunshine Act (Open Payments Database)
  • Feature Article
    Keeping Current When It Comes to CME
  • Product Innovation
    Improve Your Provider Processes with Echo, the Industry Leader in Provider Data Management
  • Your Tool Box
    Dramatic Improvements in Physician Satisfaction and Engagement: Acadian Medical Center’s Keys to Success
  • Partner Spotlight
    The Employed Physician – What Does Success Look Like?
  • Expert Opinion
    PUT DOWN THAT PEN! It’s Time to Go Digital with Provider Enrollment
  • HealthStream Events
    Upcoming Events

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