Power in Knowledge

The KnowledgeQ Benchmark Assessments measure staff knowledge on the annual mandatory library courses. The results of the assessments can be used to determine training assignments based upon where your staff is proficient and where staff has knowledge gaps.

KnowledgeQ Power in Knowlege
KnowledgeQ Action in Data

Action in Data

KnowledgeQ’s Control Center provides actionable data views that you can use to increase staff knowledge, ensure organization readiness, and plan effective training cycles.

Endless Customization

KnowledgeQ’s annotation engine gives you the power to customize half-page and full-page annotations, and it gives you the option to completely suppress a page – making your content yours.

KnowledgeQ Endless Customization
KnowledgeQ Benchmark Tests

Benchmark Tests

Available in 5 categories: Environment of Care, Life Safety, Provision of Care, Human Resources, and Infection Prevention and Control used for benchmarking and comparison across organizations, departments, and individuals.

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