Meet the CredentialStream® Hub: An intuitive provider-facing portal

The Hub enables you to give your providers and clinical leaders, including Chairs & Chiefs, a direct connection to key credentialing processes and information via an always-on, mobile-friendly setting where they can maintain their own profiles and preferences, and exchange messages with the staff office and other key stakeholders.

Key Benefits

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Reach a new level of provider access, engagement, and satisfaction.

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Simplify and deepen your relationships with Chairs, Chiefs and other stakeholders.

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Integrate your data and workflows directly with provider communications via a mobile-friendly web platform.

Sync Up and Engage Providers, Chairs & Chiefs with the Hub

Healthcare doesn’t stand still. Your credentialing process needs to keep up.

From initial application and onboarding through recredentialing, ongoing clinical performance evaluation, and enrollment status, the Hub has provider engagement and satisfaction covered.

CredentialStream has many more capabilites than just The Hub. Learn more here.

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"I have never used such a streamlined, simple platform for my reappointment. All facilities should use this for individuals to submit their information."


"This was one of the more user friendly credentialing packets I have completed."

If you want to:

  • Easily manage the entire provider lifecycle
  • Improve communication and relationships with stakeholders
  • Increase accessibility and provider satisfaction

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