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Do you have visibility into your workforce?

HealthStream Retention Analytics is designed to help organizations gain visibility to drive intelligent, data driven workforce decisions. This tool allows you to create a successful roadmap for your organization by bringing actionable insights, identifying problem spots and benchmarking important metrics.
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Drive intelligent workforce decisions through data

This tool allows a leader to have a birds eye view on key indicators. With a few clicks, they have the ability to zoom into specific roles, departments and facilities to identify problem areas.

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Healthcare organizations can leverage Retention Analytics to:


Discover a remedy for unwanted turnover

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Identify actionable insights


Gain an enterprise view of their organization


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  • Distribute data to leaders based on their role in the organization.
  • Identify front line managers and engagement opportunities.
  • Identify turnover percentages by facility, department, supervisor and job title.

Initiatives and goals supported:

  • Employee and organizational benchmarking
  • Hiring and succession planning 
  • Leverage data to increase understanding within your organization

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    As a healthcare leader, are you:

    • Struggling to track and connect workplace retention metrics?
    • Addressing retention and growth decisions supported by data?
    • Looking to explore your organization in an easily consumable way?

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