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Are your claims reimbursed in an appropriate and timely manner?

Billing and collection errors can prove costly to any healthcare organization. Managing the challenges of the revenue cycle by standardizing patient financial services education can increase competency for billing and reimbursement and decrease the likelihood of expensive errors. That can lead to lost revenue, increased risk and a poor patient experience.
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Streamline revenue cycle training with FinThrive

The innovative simulation technology of HealthStream’s Billing and Reimbursement education allows revenue cycle professionals to practice in a realistic environment to increase overall patient financial services competency. With hundreds of courses tailored specifically to charges and reimbursement training, your staff can minimize errors that impact your bottom line.

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Healthcare leaders can leverage billing and reimbursement education to:

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Develop a more competent revenue cycle workforce


Positively affect your organization’s bottom line

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Streamline charges and reimbursement workflow


Billing and Reimbursement


  • 100s of targeted courses for PFS
  • Pre-employment tests and assessments
  • Revenue Cycle SimLabs, provide realistic simulated practice environment

Patient Financial Services Certifications

  • Contract Management
  • Medical Biller
  • Patient Collections
  • Cash Posting
  • Commercial Biller
  • Government Biller
  • Denials Management

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increase in patient payment responsibility between 2012 and 2017


more claims denials wrote off as uncollectable


learners trained with revenue cycle education

As a healthcare leader, are you:

  • Seeking ways to increase competency for your revenue cycle staff?
  • In need of a more efficient and effective revenue cycle process?
  • Looking for an accessible and easy way to train and assess your patient financial services staff?

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