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Coding for Maximum Reimbursement

nThrive Education Revenue Cycle provides pre-assessment, onboarding, competency, ongoing training, career path training, assessments, and the HealthStream Control Center™ to give leaders the tools they need to pinpoint risks and target areas for improvement, helping your organization to mitigate risk and improve reimbursements.

Optimization Through Online Education

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Enable staff members to become more efficient and effective through the entire revenue cycle process.  The below curriculum is tailored specifically to medical coders.

Revenue Cycle Overview: From Patient Access to Claims Management

Revenue Cycle Overview: From Patient Access to Claims Management

From Patient Access to Claims Management our training enables staff members to better understand their role and become more efficient and effective throughout the entire revenue cycle process. Watch the video to see how HealthStream’s Revenue Cycle Solutions can better develop your workforce, help your staff maximize reimbursements and optimize cash-flow, directly affecting your bottom-line.

Did You Know?

Healthcare Financial Management (HFMA) provides education, resources and certifications to support all aspects of the revenue cycle. We’re proud that HFMA is certified for Technical Integration with the HealthStream Learning Center. If your organization would like to subscribe or is subscribing to these industry leading solutions, you can also experience the benefit of compatibility with the #1 learning management system in healthcare. Please contact HFMA’s Revenue Cycle team for additional information. 

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