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Determine staffing needs based on census

Reduce Nurse Turnover Individualize DArk

Allow managers to easily make last-minute staffing changes

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Improve work-life balance

What if there was a way to know exactly what staffing levels you needed based on historical and real-time data?

With the Predictive Census feature within ShiftWizard by HealthStream™, you can schedule staff based on predicted demand, not your budget, which means fewer last-minute schedule changes, fewer wasted resources, reduced burnout, and happier staff. This innovative feature utilizes machine learning to give you the power to leverage your facility’s data to simplify and improve scheduling while increasing your team’s satisfaction.

Support your staff, streamline scheduling, and utilize data effectively

Now is the time to simplify scheduling and support your staff. Predictive Census combines the power of ShiftWizard with your facility’s unique data to provide a scheduling solution that elevates life for you, your team, and your patients, while reducing wasted resources.


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