• 50%
    of candidates will base their decision to work for you on your hiring process
  • ~$58,400
    is lost with the turnover of one nurse
  • 65%
    of job candidates found career sites helpful when researching a company

Explore Our Recruiting & Selection Assessments

Empower your staff with tools to hire passionate and engaged employees.

CoreKnowledge Exam Library

The CoreKnowledge Exam Library eliminates the guesswork in workforce decisions and provides the sound data you need to identify and develop the right skills and talent in your organization for exceptional performance and patient care.

  • It offers a comprehensive collection of more than 125 validated and statistically reliable clinical and non-clinical tests allowing you to make recruiting and hiring decisions with confidence.
  • It allows you to assess orientation or preceptor progress, and pinpoint areas for remediation or acceleration for best use of resources.

Behavioral Competency Assessments

Healthcare-specific, easy-to-use behavioral screening tools help you make the right hiring decisions.

Nothing impacts patient care and satisfaction more than placing the best candidates in every position. Technical and clinical skills are important, but the patient experience, patient safety, and your culture depend on behavioral competencies. Select International’s Fit screening tools can help you reduce turnover, improve hiring efficiency, enhance legal defensibility, and contribute to building the patient-centered culture you need. It will improve the accuracy of your hiring decisions and help you to identify candidates with the competencies critical to meeting your goals - compassion, healthcare-specific emotional intelligence, conscientiousness, collaboration, and patient focus.

Build skills that impact the patient experience and patient safety.

A simple, 10-minute online tool that generates and individualized report showing where individuals are on the continuum of key behavioral competencies. The assessment is designed for anyone who works with patients – physicians, nurses, allied health, as well as technical and support staff. Using this tool, staff can learn how their profile impacts interactions with patients and colleagues and how to change behaviors to improve patient outcomes, patient safety, patient satisfaction, and organizational success.

Onboarding Self-Evaluations

The Smart Start Self-Evaluation Library contains more than 75 titles, covering key job roles and areas of practice to help identify individual strengths and target areas for personalized orientation and development.

  • Allow newly hired nurses to play a more active role in onboarding and orientation by identifying areas of confidence and areas that need more focus.
  • During the first year of hire, self-evaluations can measure an individual’s progress and engagement. And when used annually as a personal goal setting tool, they can encourage a culture of life-long learning in your organization.

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