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Explore Our Solutions for Talent Selection & Retention

To deliver the best outcomes, find the best people.

Selection Suite from Select International

Optimize your talent acquisition strategy by improving the candidate experience and selecting the best talent for the position.

  • Fit Series uses easy-to-configure assessment tools that streamline recruitment and screening for nursing, allied health, and service roles
  • C.A.R.E.S. Assessment employs an online self-assessment approach to identify behavioral tendencies, then shows the employees how to modify them to improve the complete patient experience.
  • Leadership Assessment tool evaluates important leadership characteristics in new and emerging leaders.

Stay Interviews

Discover and address turnover before it happens. Stay Interview engages employees with a personalized, structured approach to retention while measuring and tracking results.

  • Retention Interview tool creates more effective encounters with configurable interview templates, tutorials, active advice, and an interactive Interview Wizard.
  • Manager Tool collects Stay plans, as well as scheduling and archiving interviews, all from a single dashboard.
  • Analytics deliver actionable insights with turnover forecasting, retention reporting, and Stay Interview/Plan Status updates.
  • System Configuration allows you to set custom hierarchies and modify templates, along with performance reporting and ERP/HRIS integration.

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