On-Demand Webinar60 min

09.19.23 Promoted Webinar-480

From Regulations to Realities: Nurse Staffing, Unions, and the ShiftWizard Advantage

Join us for an insightful webinar as we delve into the intricate landscape of nurse staffing regulations, union requirements, and the practical implications they have on healthcare organizations. In this thought-provoking session, Gia Milo-Slagle, Senior Director of Product at HealthStream, will share insights on navigating the dynamic world of staffing mandates while ensuring compliance with union standards.

What to Expect:

Expert Insights: Gain valuable perspectives from Gia Milo-Slagle and other seasoned professionals who understand the nuances of nurse staffing regulations and the complexities of managing union requirements.

Thought Leadership: Explore thought-provoking discussions that bridge the gap between regulatory mandates and the day-to-day realities of healthcare staffing. Discover innovative strategies to optimize staffing while staying compliant.

ShiftWizard Showcase: Learn how ShiftWizard, a cutting-edge healthcare workforce management solution, can empower healthcare leaders to efficiently track, manage, and report on nurse staffing. Discover how technology can be a game-changer in meeting staffing requirements.

Join us for this illuminating webinar that promises to equip you with knowledge, strategies, and tools to transform regulatory requirements into actionable staffing solutions. Discover how to embrace the ShiftWizard advantage and elevate your healthcare organization's staffing practices.