On-Demand Webinar30 min

12.6.22 Webinar-NTSOS Staffing-Landing Page Image

Not the Same Old Shift: Solving Healthcare Staffing Needs with Workday and ShiftWizard

Tired of the same old shift? Do you find yourself having to check multiple places to find accurate employee information? You deserve better than mediocre tools and outdated, cumbersome systems.

Easily share valuable data to make informed staffing decisions with the bi-directional Workday and ShiftWizard integration. Workday and ShiftWizard together allows you to have the right staff, with the right credentials, in the right location, at the right time.

Join us Tuesday, December 6 at 2pm CST to learn how the Workday and ShiftWizard integration can help you manage payroll, improve communication, and increase employee satisfaction.