On-Demand Webinar60 min

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Preventing Unfavorable Outcomes with Standardized Moderate Sedation Practices

This webinar is an abbreviated recording of a previous panel discussion that opens the floor for you to have your questions answered by industry experts in real time.

In the realm of healthcare, moderate sedation serves as a cornerstone, extending comfort and alleviating pain for countless patients undergoing various medical procedures. Recently, there has been an emergence of moderate sedation procedures that are being performed by non-anesthesiologists outside of the operating room. Recognizing the critical need for safe patient care under these circumstances, we present a groundbreaking initiative that will reshape the landscape of procedural sedation education. Moderate sedation is not merely a technique; it's a lifeline for patients seeking solace during medical interventions. Save the date for our panel discussion with experts to unveil the new standardized education, based on the latest evidence and guidelines in Procedural Sedation education from leaders the Red Cross and the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) and HealthStream.