On-Demand Webinar60 min

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The ART Program: Equipping Nurses with Critical Skills to Anticipate & Respond to Patient Deterioration

Nurses are the heartbeat of healthcare. They are also often the first line of defense in identifying and responding to patient deterioration. In this webinar, Daniel Davis, MD, is joined by Chris McElvogue, BSN, RN, to review how the ART Program was designed to enhance your current efforts in clinical deterioration while also reinforcing critical thinking skills among nurses, and other patient-facing teams, with tools, resources, and the expertise required to anticipate and intervene when deterioration is detected. 

Learning objectives include:

  • Review the data and clinical research behind the ART Program.
  • Understand the pathophysiology of deterioration and the four primary risk pathways in patient deterioration. 
  • Evaluate the ART Program and the mixed learning model that prioritizes comprehension over memorization. 

 The ART Program is exclusively available through HealthStream.