On-Demand Webinar30 min

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Unlock Your Hospital's Potential with ShiftWizard

During this session, our product expert will guide you through the innovative features of ShiftWizard. Here's what you will gain:

  • Insight into the power of a healthcare specific Advanced Scheduling Solution: Learn how ShiftWizard adapts to the ever-changing healthcare environment to address staffing shortages while reducing labor spend in real time.
  • Strategies to Optimize: Learn how hospitals across the nation are utilizing ShiftWizard to staff to patient acuity, improving the quality of care for your patients while ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your staff.
  • Meaningful ways to impact workflow: Discover actionable strategies that will provide a roadmap for successful adoption. Learn how to leverage reporting capabilities to capture productivity data. Provide fair and equitable patient and staffing assignments that align with your organizational goals.