A Nurse Walks Into a Hospital… Rapid Onboarding With Jane®

June 6, 2022
June 6, 2022

This blog post is taken from a recent webinar moderated by HealthStream’s Caroline Acree, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Clinical Development. The webinar featured Doug Tice, Associate Vice President, Clinical Development, Amy Lingrosso, BSN, RN, Director, Sales, Clinical Staff Development and Kristine Hetzel, MSN, RN, Clinical Development Solution Executives.

A Nurse Walks Into a Hospital…

It sounds like it might be the lead in to a joke, but what happens when a newly-hired nurse walks into your hospital should be anything but a joke. Healthcare leaders need a quick and accurate means of assessing a nurses’ knowledge. They need solutions that will improve retention of those newly-hired nurses and the time to re-think those initial steps is when a new nurse walks into the hospital.

Tice began by sharing that across the vast network of HealthStream customers, he has heard regularly about the importance of rapid onboarding before, during and after the pandemic as staffing has become even more challenging. As rising vacancy rates have brought a higher level of focus on rapid onboarding, Hetzel pointed out that while the problem has intensified in recent years, vacancy rates along with the need for rapid and effective onboarding have been a concern to healthcare leaders for decades. “The process for rapid onboarding was to provide the same path for every person that was coming into the facility which made it very difficult to assess where the clinical gaps were,” she added.

Lingrosso shared that the pandemic made rapid onboarding even more essential. “We heard from customers who wanted tools that would help them rapidly onboard nurses in order to take care of the most critical patients,” said Lingrosso. She added that HealthStream has tools that can help hospitals do that and that these same tools can help assess your existing nursing staff to evaluate their ability to flex to different clinical areas. In addition, the increasing use of travel nurses has made rapid onboarding even more critical.

Immediate Resources for Evaluating and Preparing Nurses for New Care Areas

Historically, onboarding was dependent on paper and pencil and human evaluation of test results. Now technology can help you to quickly evaluate nurses and, more importantly, to develop a personalized plan for each nurse that will facilitate rapid and efficient onboarding.

HealthStream has developed a tool that will help organizations decrease their onboarding time by focusing on the individual needs of new and transitioning nurses. HealthStream’s Jane® uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help develop and accelerate onboarding.    

The process starts with a knowledge assessment that is foundational to building a customized learning plan that will provide the quickest path to productivity. “Jane® has a knowledge assessment that will evaluate the knowledge of any area that nurse is or may be assigned in the future. The assessments include more than 6,000 specialty and settings-based knowledge assessment questions that will cover virtually every care area. Nurses take that assessment and then, based on the knowledge gaps, Jane® will develop a remediation plan that will focus on those knowledge gaps,” said Lingrosso. It provides a faster onboarding process by focusing on the areas that will help improve patient outcomes.

Rapid Onboarding With Jane® - Why It Matters During a Pandemic

Onboarding with Jane® is a tool that is relevant whether the world is in the grip of a pandemic – or not. However, its’ importance is amplified during the more frenetic times of a pandemic. Newly-graduated nurses never showed up with precisely the same clinical experiences and this became even more pronounced during the pandemic as nursing schools worked hard to ready students for practice.

Lingrosso shared that nursing school programs are different and that it has always been at least somewhat difficult to truly understand a new nurse graduates’ skill set. Nurses may have experience in certain specialties, but have perhaps not treated patients at the same level of acuity as your hospital which makes the ability to personalize the onboarding experience even more important.

Onboarding with Jane® also has the ability to address one of the most important nursing skills - critical thinking - with assessments and personalized development plans to help address critical thinking skill gaps. Onboarding with Jane® can help ensure that your nursing staff can consistently apply clinical knowledge and judgment resulting in safer care for patients. Lingrosso pointed out that multiple choice questions are perhaps not the best way to evaluate critical thinking skills leaving little opportunity to critically think through real-life scenarios. Powered by more than 30 years of nurse response data and using a chat interface, Onboarding with Jane® can truly assess critical thinking and provide a personalized learning plan where appropriate. 

Jane®- A Success Story

The University of Louisville Hospital (U of L) was an early adopter of Jane®. They had been using a manual assessment tool. The tool was effective, but time-consuming and was not scalable for use across the hospitals in the U of L Health System, which was their end goal. They made the decision to implement Jane® and began their implementation concurrently with the pandemic.

While the pandemic presented challenges for U of L, they stayed the course, pivoting quickly to Jane® for onboarding new nurses and transitioning existing staff to areas of need. Even the initial results made it clear that this tool could make a difference and was a pandemic essential. “U of L experienced a 50% reduction in time spent managing the assessments which resulted in an increase in the speed of testing, grading and analysis. They completed 270 assessments during the first 90 days of using Jane®,” said Acree.

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