An Innovative Integration for a Single Source of Truth

March 22, 2023
March 22, 2023

It’s time to take control of the way you and your team handle staff scheduling. By utilizing this innovative partnership with Workday and ShiftWizard™, you’ll be able to leverage your time and attendance data to make real-time, cost-effective productivity decisions.

  • Save Time and Resources
  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Reallocate Staff Efficiently
  • Elevate Communications and Staff Satisfaction
  • Increase Transparency for Informed Decisions

This partnership between Workday and ShiftWizard has been carefully designed to bring you an enterprise software solution that empowers leadership and brings a new level of support to managers. This integration makes it simple and easy to manage payroll, elevate communication, increase employee satisfaction, and improve workforce management.

  • Manage Payroll — Seamlessly share time and attendance information as well as employee demographics and actuals to provide more accurate data.
  • Elevate Communication — ShiftWizard’s messaging center features innovative, rules-based messaging options to quickly fill shifts with the appropriate staff, eliminating the need for unnecessary mass texts, phone calls, or Facebook groups.
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction — By decreasing unnecessary interruptions, this integration helps to reduce burnout and empowers staff by allowing them to self-schedule, swap shifts, and balance their schedules with accurate, real-time data.
  • Improve Workforce Management — ShiftWizard and Workday offer real-time operational management alignment so you can know that you have the ideal staff, with the proper credentials, in the right place at the right time.

See How It Works

Take a closer look at how this integration can reduce frustrations, while helping you streamline and elevate your processes. In this 30-min webinar, Keith Lohkamp, Senior Director, Industry Strategy, Workday, and Terri Epler, MSN, RN, Solution Consultant Manager, HealthStream dive into the importance of this partnership

Watch Now — 30-min Webinar.

Bi-Directional Data Flow 

ShiftWizard has the flexibility to accommodate APIs and CSV flat files, based on your needs to support:

  • Scheduled Shifts
  • Approved Time-off
  • Hours-Only Time Entry Codes
  • Scheduled Shift Clock Defaults
  • ZKTeco third-party clocks


  • Approved Time-off (RaaS)
  • Employee Demographics
  • Accruals
  • Timesheets
  • Payroll Hours

The Perfect Workday Companion

We’ve made it simple and easy to share valuable data. By seamlessly integrating together, this connection makes your systems feel like one, allowing you to engage and empower your team with the benefits of Workday. This exciting partnership allows Workday to behave as your facility’s sole source of truth and updates your time management as changes happen in real-time — meaning leadership can easily track and report while documenting real-time events. Plus, Workday custom tags connect to ShiftWizard work rules, which creates a flexible option for automated adjustments.

Here to Solve Your Needs

The bi-directional Workday and ShiftWizard integration empowers you to make the most of your data.

Workday Human Capital Management

  • Personnel Demographics Data
  • Competencies, Licensure, Credentials
  • Absence Management, PTO
  • Time Sensitive Scheduling Updates

Workday Time Tracking

  • Push Schedule Allocations, Reported Time
  • Pull Actual Time Entries for Analysis
  • Push Cost Center, Job Codes, Financial Incentives

Electronic Medical Record

  • Real-Time Census
  • Clinical Integration with Acuity Module

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