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Asante Saves $600,000 Annually by Humanizing Safety and Compliance Training

November 3, 2023
November 3, 2023

When your employees think about safety and compliance training, what are the first words that come to mind? Boring? Repetitious? Disengaging? To make matters worse, do decision makers think of these training programs as costly and time consuming? Improving patient safety and ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations are vital initiatives in any organization, but too often they are thought of as taxing activities employees and leadership alike are resigned to carry out.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way – by humanizing the training process and meeting your employees where they are in terms of flexibility and reduced seat time, you can create a program that’s efficient, enjoyable, and even saves time and money. If you are looking for a way to shake up a stale safety and compliance training routine, check out SafetyQ and ComplyQ. These programs help meet educational goals by focusing on three important characteristics:

  • Engagement: Employees are far more engaged and satisfied with required training when it meets their needs and works within their schedule. SafetyQ and ComplyQ achieve this through pre-assessments that gauge proficiency and personalize courses based on results that can be taken anytime, anywhere in bite sized portions.
  • Efficiency: HealthStream’s offerings eliminate the time and cost of creating custom-made training programs by providing standardized training modules essential to regulatory compliance and patient safety. With this training already provided, educators only need to focus on development of customized training specific to their facility.
  • Efficacy: More than just training modules, the programs are thoughtfully designed to promote end goals, with advanced communication, audit, and reporting tools. Managers can easily assist employees in keeping track of their educational requirements and meeting timelines.

Several HealthStream clients have had tremendous success in achieving their safety and compliance goals and requirements. In one example, healthcare provider Asante switched from a homegrown training program to ComplyQ and SafetyQ. They wanted to reduce training costs without sacrificing the capability to provide individual learning workflows and intuitive learning options for staff members. During the initial rollout, they effectively replaced more than 50% of the system’s homegrown content for their annual, required training. In addition, use of the two programs has saved Asante more than $600,000 a year in costs and 200+ hours of time related to training development and implementation. Reaction from staff members has been positive, thanks to the interactive course material and pre-assessments to guide content selection to areas of need.

According to Yvonne Padilla, the IS Training & Program Manager with Asante Talent Management, “HealthStream has improved our organization’s ability to present our staff with high quality training that is engaging and evidence-based. It has improved competencies in all areas of our organization, from clinical care to compliance. When we learned about SafetyQ and ComplyQ, it was like, ‘why haven’t we done this before?’” The content is more engaging and allows our learners to learn things they hadn’t learned before."

You can read more about Asante’s success story by reading the customer spotlight, “Asante achieves $600,000 Annual Savings with Safety and Compliance Training.”