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CPCS® Certification: The Gold Standard for Credentialing Professionals

April 29, 2024
April 29, 2024

The Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist (CPCS®) certification offered by the National Association Medical Staff Services (NAMSS) has become the gold standard for those working in healthcare credentialing. Those who are CPCS certified play a vital role in ensuring provider credentials, safeguarding patients, and navigating compliance requirements. They are employed by hospitals, health systems, medical groups, health plans, and credentialing verification organizations nationwide. In this post, we’ll delve into what this certification entails, its responsibilities, and why earning your CPCS could be your best career move.


What is CPCS Certification?

The CPCS certification is designed for individuals in provider credentialing within healthcare organizations such as hospitals, health plans, group practices, and more. As a CPCS, you become an essential member of the credentialing team, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, managing credentialing processes, and maintaining accurate practitioner databases.


Responsibilities of a CPCS

As a CPCS, your key responsibilities center on compliance, credentialing processes, and governance, including:

  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory and accrediting bodies
  • Developing and implementing credentialing processes and procedures
  • Credentialing physicians, allied health practitioners, and other providers
  • Overseeing governance bylaws, department rules, and medical staff policies
  • Collecting and analyzing provider verification information
  • Maintaining accurate credentialing databases


Reasons to Earn Your CPCS Certification

According to NAMSS, “Certification by NAMSS puts you in the driver’s seat: It increases your potential for advancement in any healthcare environment and indicates to your supervisor(s) and accreditation surveyors that you are an expert in the field, enhancing your value and job security.

Some key benefits include:

  1. Career Advancement: Certification by NAMSS opens doors to advancement opportunities within the healthcare industry. It signals to employers and accreditation surveyors that you are an expert in provider credentialing, enhancing your value and job security.
  2. Salary Increase: More than 27% of CPCS report receiving a salary increase because of their certification. Investing in your professional development can lead to tangible rewards.
  3. Professional Confidence: Achieving the CPCS designation demonstrates your professional competence and expertise in credentialing practices. It boosts your confidence and validates your knowledge in the field.
  4. Recognition and Respect: CPCS often receive recognition and respect from peers and supervisors. Your certification showcases your commitment to excellence and dedication to maintaining high standards in healthcare credentialing.


How to Earn Your CPCS

To be eligible to sit for the CPCS examination, you must be employed in the medical services profession for at least 12 consecutive months in the last 24 months and have three years of experience within the past five years.
You can learn more about the requirements and the exam here.


HealthStream Stands Behind CPCS

CPCS can work for hospitals and health systems, medical groups, health plans, and credentialing verification organizations. Companies like HealthStream also employ them! Our team is packed with individuals who have achieved the CPCS designation.
You can meet some of them here.

These team members, and many like them, all work behind the scenes to be sure that our credentialing solutions provide all the tools you need to onboard, credential and privilege providers. We appreciate how our CPCS relentlessly push for process improvement and technology that enables our healthcare partners to better serve their communities.

According to Thomas Heitz, a Clinical Solutions Consultant with HealthStream, “Maintaining my MSP certification is a testament to my unwavering commitment to upholding excellence in the oversight of the credentialing and privileging process. My CPCS certification serves as a potent symbol, not only conveying my dedication to clients, but also showcasing my profound understanding of these intricate processes.” Heitz’s knowledge is especially valuable in the context of product development and the release of educational webinars and publications offered to our customers.


In Conclusion 

Earning your CPCS certification is a strategic career move that can propel you toward success in the dynamic field of healthcare. Whether seeking career advancement, increased earning potential, or professional recognition, the CPCS designation offers numerous benefits that can accelerate your career trajectory. Don't wait any longer—invest in your future today with CPCS certification.