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Enhancing Patient Satisfaction and Revenue Through Comprehensive Workforce Training

February 28, 2024
February 28, 2024

Blog content provided by HealthStream’s partner Pineapple Academy and its President and Co-Founder, Greg Gorgone

Having been deeply entrenched in the operations of foodservice, hospitality, senior living, and healthcare for over four decades, I've seen the pivotal role workforce training plays in the overall success of an organization. Today, I want to explore a critical aspect that’s often overlooked: How proper workforce training not only leads to happier patients but also significantly impacts the bottom line.

Insurance companies have increasingly tied reimbursement rates to patient satisfaction scores, primarily through programs such as the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS). The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) ties a portion of hospital reimbursements to HCAHPS scores through value-based purchasing programs. Hospitals that perform well on patient satisfaction metrics may receive higher reimbursements, while those with lower scores may face penalties or reduced payments. CMS incentivizes hospitals to prioritize patient satisfaction to maintain or improve financial performance.

Insurers, including Medicare and private payers, have shifted toward value-based care models. These models emphasize quality of care, patient outcomes, and patient experience rather than the traditional fee-for-service approach. High patient satisfaction scores often translate into better performance under these value-based care agreements, resulting in increased reimbursements for healthcare providers.

CMS regularly publishes documentation and reports outlining the connection between patient satisfaction scores, quality of care, and reimbursement rates. These documents often provide insights into how hospitals and healthcare facilities can improve patient satisfaction to enhance their financial performance.

In healthcare, everything a department does affects all stakeholders—patients, visitors, and colleagues—forming the bedrock of a positive customer service program. Quality, perceived from the moment one steps through the front door, must resonate throughout the entire facility. The Environmental Services (EVS) department, often overlooked but crucial, wields immense power in shaping a healthcare organization's HCAHPS scores. But how can organizations in the industry drive better patient satisfaction? It comes down to your workforce.

At the core of patient satisfaction lies a positive customer experience, a top priority for every healthcare leader. This is embodied in the actions of every frontline employee. Proper training serves as a foundational pillar—simple gestures like seeking permission before entering a patient's room, maintaining a calming presence, addressing the patient by name, and detailing their role in patient care are paramount. It's a blend of professionalism and genuine care that defines the patient's perception, and it all comes down to how our workforce is trained. 

Pineapple Academy's specialized micro-training approach can directly contribute to boosting patient satisfaction scores within the healthcare, senior living, hospitality, and foodservice industries.

Make Your Training Memorable

Pineapple Academy's 5-minute or less micro-training content is designed to strategically optimize learning retention. Short, targeted bursts of training are scientifically proven to improve knowledge retention rates among employees. This means that the essential information needed to improve patient satisfaction is effectively absorbed and retained by frontline staff.

Meet Employees in Their Workflow

An effective training program means having the capability to integrate into an employee's existing workflow. By offering bite-sized content that’s accessible on demand, employees can undergo training without disrupting their daily tasks. This enables staff to access training materials conveniently, fitting within their work schedule and allowing immediate application of the learned concepts into their interactions with patients, visitors, and colleagues.

Lead With Expert Knowledge

To ensure employee engagement, it’s important to utilize content led by industry experts specializing in the industries they’re teaching. These experts deliver concise, practical, and highly relevant training modules that cater specifically to the nuances and intricacies of each industry. By delivering tailored content, Pineapple Academy ensures that frontline staff receive training that directly addresses the challenges and best practices related to patient care, customer service, cleanliness, and other critical aspects influencing patient satisfaction.

Keep an Eye on Results

Through Pineapple Academy's platform, organizations can track the impact of improved training on overall patient satisfaction metrics. The implementation of these training programs can be correlated with enhanced patient experiences, reflected in improved HCAHPS scores or other patient satisfaction assessments, showcasing the direct link between effective training initiatives and positive outcomes.

Having an effective training solution that offers highly impactful, easily consumable, and seamlessly integrated content directly contributes to enhancing patient satisfaction scores across the healthcare and senior living sector. With happier patients and improved HCAHPS scores comes a bigger bottom line. Let's continue to prioritize training and foster a culture of excellence that resonates throughout the healthcare industry, making the lives of patients, residents, and our workforce better.

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