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Simplify License Verification with Workforce Validate

June 26, 2023
June 26, 2023

This blog is taken from a recent HealthStream webinar entitled “Simplify License Verification with Workforce Validate.”  The webinar was moderated by HealthStream’s Emily Oney and featured:


  • Tom Emberson, Vice President, Sales, Channel Development, Workforce Validate
  • Jared Rose, Regional Account Manager, Workforce Validate
  • Caroline Shirley, Product Manager, Workforce Validate

The presenters shared information on how healthcare organizations can remain compliant using HealthStream’s license verification tool, included at no additional cost for hStream subscribers.


What Is Workforce Validate?

Emberson began with an overview of HealthStream’s Workforce Validate. He explained that hStream is the platform that supports all HealthStream customers and subscribers. The platform essentially connects everything within HealthStream, including Workforce Validate. Emberson described Workforce Validate as a tool that is able to provide automated and ongoing license verification, certification verification, as well as sanction and exclusion monitoring. HealthStream has more than 20 years of experience and performs more than 200 million verifications each year. Best of all, the license verification part of the tool is included with an hStream subscription. “If you are on the hStream platform, we can set you up for free license verification,” said Emberson.


The Power of Workforce Validate

Rose shared some of the key Workforce Validate features made possible by the hStream integration. He began by sharing that implementation is easy for hStream customers, as the majority of the necessary data exists in the HealthStream Learning Center (HLC). In addition, Workforce Validate offers full client support for ease of implementation.

Rose first stated that users are able to create and track employees in their organization’s hierarchy in the Preferences section of the application. Depending on the size and organizational structure, users can track multiple facilities, locations, departments, units, etc.

Rose then gave an overview of the dashboard which includes a number of interactive widgets. From the dashboard, users have quick access to the records of all individuals and entities being monitored by Workforce Validate. Potential issues with licenses, certifications and exclusions will populate here, making it easy for users to quickly prioritize next steps.

Users can then proceed with confidence when using Workforce Validate. For every verification, three primary source data points are logged – the verification source, its URL, and an audited time stamp from which the data was pulled.


Powerful Reporting for Leaders

Workforce Validate includes robust reporting for leaders. All information in Workforce Validate can be filtered, sorted, and exported to best meet users’ reporting needs. In addition to custom reports, Rose pointed out that there are also pre-generated reports based on client needs. One frequently used pre-generated report is the Pending Validation Report. This report highlights any validations that are pending while a team from HealthStream resolves those pending validations. An additional report is the Weekly Activity Summary, which is a high-level report containing pertinent up-to-date license data that can be emailed to administrators weekly.

Automated expiration reminders can also be sent to employees whose licenses expire within the next 45 days. The same information is emailed weekly to managers and supervisors, enabling them to send out additional reminders when appropriate. The My Team Application will soon also display verified license data, so leaders can keep track of employees’ license status while tracking all learning that has been assigned to the team.


Making Compliance Efficient

The standard and customized reports mentioned make it easy to satisfy requests from regulatory agencies. Auditors from regulatory and accrediting bodies can easily be provided with reports that will satisfy any query. Rose shared that the Verifications tab can be used to customize reports beyond the pre-generated reports that are already included.

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